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burton + Burton Review

~Part of our Easter Parade Feature~

Spring is definitely here in Indiana, and Easter is right around the corner. Bunnies are everywhere, real ones in my yard, chocolate ones in the store, and a few new fun, floaty ones have recently joined our household.

After being introduced to a company called burton + Burton, (you can read more about the company and Burton Family here), I was connected with Steve, the Media/Communications Manager. He was happy to share a bit of burton + Burton with us and provide MBP with some of their current hot items. He quickly sent out the products and they arrived on our doorstep a few short days later.

Our burton + Burton package was stuffed full of fun!
 Two huge catalogs filled with great products, a handwritten note from Steve, and 3 Easter Bunny MyOwnPets in Purple, Pink, and White.

MyOwnPet Balloons are one of burton + Burton's hottest products right now. They were launched last summer and have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Fox News, and other media sources. The MyOwnPet Easter Bunny Balloons are 21" high, come in 3 color choices, with feet that act like weights to stand upright and "walk". They also have a string leash pre-attached for easy walking. Find out all about MyOwnPet Balloons here.

Steve had let me know that I could take our MyOwnPet balloons to any local grocery store, florist, or any place that has helium tanks, and they could fill them for a reasonable price. We headed to a local Marsh grocery store and had them filled, from the foil tip helium tank, which is used for Mylar balloons. The lady was a bit unsure of how to work them and also charged me $2 a piece which I thought was a bit much. I probably should have gone to a Dollar store or tried a few different places, but we were already there and my kids couldn't wait any longer to get the bunnies up and running.

B with "Speed Roll"
 I have no clue where this name came from, but he told me that his bunny is super fast and love to roll, so I guess it all makes sense in the mind of a 5 year old.

S with "Bunny FuFu"
 Her go to name for everything is Joe, Bunny FuFu started off as Joe but was quickly changed when her big brother started singing one of our newest fave songs.

I only had 2 of the MyOwnPet Easter Bunnies blown up. I didn't need a fight over who got to play with the third one, so we shared it with a friend.

Our bunnies are so much fun.
 Speed Roll and Bunny FuFu have been having a blast at our house. From imaginary swim lessons, fake injuries and doctor visits, snacks and playtime, these bunnies have learned a lot!

Our bunnies on the go!

The MyOwnPet Balloons are made of a sturdy plastic that seems very durable, and after seeing what activities these bunnies have gotten in to, I must say they have held up nicely so far and I dread the day when someone's bunny is no longer with us.

MyOwnPet Balloons come in a variety of other animals from dogs to ducks to dinosaurs. They are all different sizes and colors.
My kids are big fans of these options:

Want It? Buy It!
These adorable and fun balloons are creating a great time at our house, don't you wish you had one? To find where you can purchase your own MyOwnPet, click here for a store locator. You can register with burton + Burton to place an order if you are a wholesale business.  Find burton + Burton on Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube.

Thanks a bunch to Steve for sending our family some MyOwnPet Easter Bunny Balloons. They have been a huge hit and perfect for the Easter/Spring season!


Disclosure: Other than the MyOwnPet Balloons that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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