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Scentsy Layers (Review & Giveaway)

Part of our Spring Fashion & Beauty Feature

I have been a fan of Scentsy products for a long time. I love the way their products help to safely fragrance my home, in a variety of ways. When Scentsy introduced their newer Solid Perfume Sticks, I though it was the neatest thing in the world that they could capture some of the consumer's favorite scents and offer them as a wearable solid! Now, Scentsy has done it again- they have come out with a brand new product line that has renewed my love for Scentsy, once more.

Scentsy has developed Layers by Scentsy, which is an exclusive line of pampering fragrancing for the body! Independent Scentsy Consultant, Danielle Maruschak, wanted MBP to be among the first to try these new Layers products. Danielle sent me the Shower Creme, Body Butter and Body Spray in the Enchanted Mist scent. Since these products are super new to the market, I could not wait to give them a try. Knowing that they were coming to me from Scentsy, I knew they had to be worth trying!

My new Layers by Scentsy products from Danielle...

Danielle shipped the products directly from Scentsy to my front door. I believe she said that I was getting the products before she even got her personal order of the new Scentsy Layers! Thanks, Danielle! I love the Scentsy boxes. My new products were well-packaged and arrived safe and sound. I immediately removed all three products and laid them out on my dining table. I couldn't wait until the next morning, when I'd really have a chance to give each product a try.

Enchanted Mist Shower Cream: $12.00

I started with the Layers by Scentsy Shower Cream. I took it into the shower with me, and used that to wash my body with, instead of soap or shower gel. What I really like most about the Shower Cream, is that it's nice and thick. It really is a cream, and not a gel. I can use as little or as much of it as I desire, but I don't need a lot of it. I often feel that when I am using a shower gel, I end up having to use a lot of it to get a good lather, etc. I don't have time to mess with shaving gels, so whatever I'm washing myself with, also gets used for lathering and slathering my legs for shaving. The shower creme worked like a charm for shaving. It left my skin feeling smooth and supple... and clean! As soon as I popped open the top on the shower creme for the very first time, the Enchanted Mist scent tantalized me. The Enchanted Mist fragrance is a sweet, romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced by rose petals and jasmine. It's what I imagined Edward Cullen smelled like in Twilight! 

Enchanted Mist Body Butter: $12.00

After my shower, I made time to smooth the Enchanted Mist Body Butter over my skin. I usually only use lotions or butters on my legs, but the Scentsy Layers Body Butter is so yummy that I have been using it all over, which is helping to prep my skin for it's spring time appearances! The Body Butter is rich and creamy, but not too thick. Again, I don't need to use a lot of it. Adding this layer of fragrance after using the shower creme, amps the scent volume up a notch. It's a little more noticeable, and oh, so nice! This may be my favorite body butter, yet! My husband loves it, too! He is a huge body butter fan and loves to slather his tired feet with it after coming home from work. He's on his feet all day, and loves to be pampered this way.

Enchanted Mist Body Spray: $8.00

Last, but not least, I spritz a thin layer of the Enchanted Mist Body Spray on. I am not a big wearer of perfumes. Most of my personal fragrancing comes from lotions. I stopped wearing perfumes right before I had Balian. I didn't want him to smell anything but my 'mommy scent' while we were working at getting the hang of nursing, and I got so used to not wearing fragrance that I just sort of forgot what it felt like! The Enchanted Mist Body Spray is so light and airy! I feel like this is the sort of fragrance to be wearing this time of year. It's really not floral-y, and I can wear it to church without worrying that it'll make the person sitting next to me go into a sneezing fit (because everyone allergies are flaring up here in NC this time of year). My husband loves the light, romantic scent, and so do I. I especially love that even when I'm feeling like a hot mess, I can add that final layer of Scentsy Layers, and walk out the door, feeling like I've got it together. Okay, maybe I don't have it all together, but at least I smell like I do!

Scentsy Layers are so wonderful, and I am thrilled that they have been added to Scentsy's product line! The timing of this new product launch was perfect! All of the ladies are going to want to have Scentsy Layers products in their spring beauty bag! Along with the Shower Creme, Body Butter and Body Mist, Scentsy Layers includes a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Cream and of course- our beloved Solid Perfume Sticks. Scentsy Layers even offers fragrancing for your laundry room! That's right- check out their new Washer Wiffs and Dryer Disks! I love that Scentsy really takes care to see that you and every room in your home are perfectly scented! I love the packaging, too! The product containers continue that 'enchanted' theme, and I feel extra special each time I pick one of these product up to use it! 

If you've never experienced Scentsy, you are truly mission out! I love everything Scentsy offers, from their warmers to scent bars, Buddies, and now their lovely body products! Scentsy products make excellent gifts year round, and with Mother's Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to do a little browsing online, or to contact Danielle and request a catalog. The scent of the month is Sunlit Morning, and it smells like sunshine! Truly, it's a beautiful scent, worth sniffing!

Enchanted Mist Hand Cream: $6.00

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Danielle's Scentsy website to explore the new Layers by Scentsy product line, and all of the other wonderful products available from Scentsy. If you're looking for a gift, have a question about a product, need help placing an order, have a question about how you can begin your journey with Scentsy, or you'd like to know how you can earn free Scentsy products, feel free to contact Danielle, or leave your question in a comment on this post. Danielle loves what she does with and through Scentsy and would love to share her love of this wonderful company with you!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win an Enchanted Mist Hand Cream by Scentsy Layers, from Danielle! Just use our easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win. Please be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields and explore the optional entries for more chances to win!

Special thanks to Danielle for allowing me to be among the first folks to try the new Layers by Scentsy products, and for offering this great giveaway for our readers!

Good luck to all who enter!


Disclosure: Other than the above mentioned products, which I received free of charge from the sponsor for review purposes, I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ from my own.

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  1. I love the Love Story Scent

    Kristie Betts

  2. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I would love to try the Luna Layers.

  3. I am still uncertain about the Layers line (I wish there were more scent choices) but I would certainly like to try for myself!! I actually don't usually like Luna, but a friend had the hand cream and with that I actually liked it!!

  4. Love to try the Luna shower creme, I love love Luna, tracietrump@yahoo.com

  5. Love yo try the Camu Camu Scent Pak!

  6. I would love to try the love story body lotion!

  7. For anyone who might be on the fence, I can tell you that the hand creams make my hands feel softer than most store brands I've tried. It is light and non-greasy, and makes my hands feel silky smooth!

  8. I would like to try the body butters, not sure which scent!


  9. I like the sound of Layers. They sound amazing! I'd like to try Love Story Layers Shower Gel


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I like all of the different layers, though I wish they had more scents in the ones for your dryer. Wishing they would of done camu camu, but enchanted mist smells great as well!


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