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i-play: Green Sprouts Disposable Bibs and Placemats (Review & Giveaway)

I am all about having products on hand that are going to simplify my life. Since Balian was given the all-clear to be out and about shortly after his first few weeks of life outside the womb, he's been a babe on the go. We've never let schedules or routines keep us chained since becoming parents. If we want or need to be somewhere other than home, we just bring Balian along and work through all the rest.

Probably the biggest issue that we've been faced with lately is Balian sitting through a meal in a restaurant. When he was a baby, it was easy... he just slept in his carrier, looked around, soaking in his surroundings, took a bottle, played with some jingly toys and fell back asleep. Once he was big enough of be in a high chair, it was a lot of fun, at first. Now, at sixteen months, he doesn't mind the high chair, but I can tell that those terrible two's aren't so far off our radar. Keeping that sweet little boy happy during a meal out of the house it the key to an enjoyable for the rest of us. I refuse to be one of those parents who feels that they can't eat a meal outside of their own home because they have to worry about their child's behavior.

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Green Sprouts, which is a part of i play, Inc. i play, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting both our children and the earth. They were founded in 1982, and have always believed in doing the right thing- and what's best for babies. All of their products are designed in Asheville, NC (which is about two hours west of where I live in Salisbury, NC).

 Disposable Placemats and Disposable Bibs from Green Sprouts...

I was given the opportunity to review a couple of items from the Green Sprouts Feeding/Accessories lines. I am all about keeping my little man happy, and having safe, reliable products around to make my life easier. We were sent the Green Sprouts Disposable Placemats- 8 pk, and the Disposable Bibs- 10 pk.

I tossed both resealable packs of the bibs and placemats into our diaper bag, and was ready to try them out whenever the next opportunity presented itself.

The Disposable Bibs from Green Sprouts are pretty cool. They are thin, and provide full coverage. They are petroleum-free, and made from plants. They made from a waterproof, absorbent and antibacterial material. The bibs also feature a unique flip pocket design, so they catch messes. They bag the bibs are packaged in is resealable and perfect for families on the go! Balian is a little bit beyond the bib-wearing days, but we still need coverage for him sometimes, to protect his clothing (especially Sundays after church). Though I can't seem to get Balian to leave one of the Green Sprouts Disposable Bibs around his neck for more than two seconds (they easily come off when tugged upon), I sometimes just tuck it in into the neck of his shirt, or drape it over his lap, and  that works just fine. Ideally, to use the bib, you simply peel off the adhesive squares on the back and stick them together, and flip the pocket from back to front- then everyone is happy and ready to eat!

 Package of Disposable Placemats...

The Disposable Placemats are a little bit more up our alley, though they are intended for ages 2+, and we're not quite there yet. One package of the Disposable Placemats contains 8 placemats and a package of 3 soy crayons. The placemats are really pretty cool.. They are a tree-free paper material, made from limestone. The placemats are water and tear-resistant.ts from Green Sprouts, they provide you with a safe, clean and stay-put surface for eating out. The resealable bag is easy to use and ready for families on the go. The placemats feature four different designs- two of each in a package: Farm Friends, Jungle Friends, Underwater Friends and 'My Own Design,' giving your child space to be creative. The placemats are easy to use. You simply peel off the adhesive backing and press it to the table/surface you are wanting it to cover. The placemat then stays put until you're done.

 Disposable Placemat on the table and ready to use...

 Balian grabbed one out of the package and decided to color on the floor...

Creative little thing...

Balian is starting to understand crayons, and learning that they are not meant to be eaten, but as with most things, we still have to watch him very closely while using them. The placemat covers a fairly wide area, which is wonderful. I love that it sticks to the table, and is easily removed without leaving behind residue or causing any surface damage. The main reason I love that it sticks to the table is that Balian can't pull it out from under bowls, plates, cups, etc and wind up making a huge mess. The placemat won't turn to papery mush from water rings, can't be torn to shreds at the hand of my sixteen month old, and it's completely safe for us to put pieces of food on for little hands to grab.

I am giving both of these products from Green Sprouts two thumbs up! I think they are really neat, convenient and safe for both baby and the environment. Both I-Play and Green Sprouts have some really cool products that you'll definitely want to check out.

Some of my favorites...
Disposable Potty Cover... 

Set of 15 Bath Toys...

On the Go Snack Cups...

 Food Scissors...

ON SALE through the end of March:


Want It? Buy It!

I-Play and Green Sprouts' products are perfect for everyday, and they also make great gifts! If I could give any first-time mommy a word of advice, it would be to go for breastfeeding, making your own baby food, and giving cloth diapering a shot, because these things are all better for baby and better for the earth. I-Play and Green Sprouts support these ideas, and give moms and dads the products and tools they need to give their babies the best life possible. Visit the I-Play website and take a look around! The above pictured items (in the two different groupings) are ON SALE for 20% off through the end of March. Just use the code IPFB12 checkout!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own set of Disposable Placemats from Green Sprouts. Just use our handy dandy entry form below and complete all mandatory entry fields for your chance to win!

Special thanks to I-Play for allowing us to try these cool products and share our thoughts with our readers.

Gppd luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was provided these products free of charge for review purposes by the above featured company. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are solely mine. Your experience with these products may differ.

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