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Bring Back Brunch! French Toast Recipe

I love a yummy Saturday morning breakfast, but who has time for it anymore? Saturdays are usually the only day we have to run errands or enjoy a day together as a family, but nowadays, they seem to be filled with all kinds of other things- from church happenings to social engagements. I still try to make Saturday morning breakfast happen, though- because having just even a few moments of togetherness around the table, enjoying something super yummy is a true treat for me.

So, when Friday rolls around, I begin trying to think of what I might like to make the next morning. I try to make do with whatever we happen to have in the house, so that we're not making extra trips to the grocery store. I almost always have bread lying around- that is, bread that isn't quite fresh, but definitely isn't on its last leg, yet.

One of my favorite breakfast dishes is French toast, and it's something that both my hubby and little one enjoy, as well. This gives me the perfect opportunity to utilize one of my Bean Pots from Celebrating Home! I use my Bean Pots for many things, and they help make my breakfast dishes turn out absolutely delicious! If you don't have a Bean Pot from Celebrating Home, or have never even heard of Celebrating Home, take a second to check them out on my Bean Pot Diva website! Then, come back here and give this super easy, and tummy-pleasing recipe a try!

Sonoma Villa Bean Pot by Celebrating Home

Bean Pot French Toast

Fill your Bean Pot half way with bread chunks. 
In a separate bowl, whisk 5 eggs with 1/3 C milk, shake of cinnamon & vanilla.
Pour over bread cubes. Squeeze maple syrup over all.
Bake at 350 degrees approx. 45 minutes.
Set your bean pot on the table and everyone can eat at once! 
And, your Bean Pot will look so pretty sitting there on your table for a Saturday or Sunday morning brunch!

Sounds good, doesn't it? Give it a try this weekend!

For more recipes, check out The Bean Pot Diva website!


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