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Votre Vu Review & Giveaway

~Part of our Winter Wonderland Feature~

I don't know about you, my winter is rough on my skin, especially my hands. What makes it even more rough, washing them double or triple time, than I normally would and then helping one or two kiddos wash their own. It can make for some red, unhappy skin, I know you can probably relate.

I was recently introduced to a company I had never heard of, called Votre Vu. Votre Vu is a newer direct sales company, launched in 2008, that combines French Finesse with American Flair for your skin and body. They use French research and development in skin treatment with American ingenuity, technology, and marketability. To learn even more about Votre Vu, click here.
I was in contact with Pamela Fatone, who is a Star Director with Votre Vu. She was super pleasant to work with and very easy to get in touch with, always helpful. Pamela sent me a package of Votre Vu items to try out and I couldn't wait to learn about them and try them out.
Package arrival day!
This box was really heavy and filled with pink crinkle box paper--love it!

My new Votre Vu products fresh from the box.
 SnapDragon Beauty Beverage & SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps 

The SnapDragon Beauty Beverage came in 2-30 oz plastic containers. The bottle themselves are so bright and colorful, immediately making me think of a fruity beachy drink. The directions are to shake well and refrigerate after opening, easy enough for me!
Since it wasn't cold already, I filled up a glass of ice and poured in the SnapDragon Beauty Beverage. I could immediately smell the fruitiness of it and couldn't wait to try it.

"The SnapDragon contains a blend of powerful anti aging super fruits and botanicals such as mango, pomegranate, and acai berry juices.  There is also an infusion of teas and 7 daily vitamins, plus collagen, aloe vera, foti, ginkgo biloba and baobab fiber. The SnapDragon Beauty Beverage does not have preservatives or sugars added in-plus! This drink, when used daily, may help repair, restore, and rebalance our body's internal system and give your skin a healthy glow. It may also boost your overall vitality in combination with your daily routine and enhance your energy."

The SnapDragon was really nice, I am not a juice person and this was very light and tasty. It was easy to drink and I kept imaging putting it into a blender with some ice and making it into an adult beverage. As I continued reading over the package, I noticed the cutest phrase "BTW-SnapDragon plays well with others, lemonade, fizzy water, and the over 21 crowd.", my thoughts exactly! My husband tried it as well, a bit afraid at first but pleased once he tried it. The bottles were emptied quickly at our house. The SnapDragon Beauty Beverage comes in 2/4/12 packs and range in price from $26 for the 2 pack, to $89 for the 12 pack.

My other Votre Vu product is the SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps.The Creme/Body Drench comes in a really sturdy clear 3.38 oz container with a silver lid. Directions say to apply a light layer to the body, from the neck down, if applying thicker, wait before dressing to avoid sticking.
If you are giving yourself an at home spa treatment--so wonderful, use a body scrub prior to the Body Drench for the ultimate in silky smooth skin. As the Body Drench is massaged into your skin, circulation should improve and your skin will look and feel like is has a new life. 

"The Body Drench contains regenerative retinol, restorative marine collagen and Acai-derived citroflavonoids that work together to reduce free radical damage and boost collagen formation while jolting skin cells back into top shape. The reawakened cells trigger a physiological chain reaction that leads to visibly healthier, toned, and more youthful skin. A healthy dose of vitamins A, B, C and E combined with bergamot, grape seed, grapefruit and polyphenols from red and green therapeutic teas further enhance this juicy potion’s antioxidant effects. Like our all-natural beverage, the crème refreshingly covers your body with the benefits of ginkgo biloba, horsetail extract, calcium, foti, and aloe vera while quenching parched skin with coconut oil and glycerin. Serve your skin a healthy pour of more than 95% naturally derived, fine French ingredients."
Trying out just a regular amount in my most dry area of my hands.
My hand quickly absorbed the creme and felt less rough almost immediately. It did not leave a greasy feel and had the same yummy aroma that the SnapDragon Beauty Beverage did. I also had to try out the at home spa treatment recommendation--I deserve it once in awhile right? I used my own body scrub and followed up with the creme, WOW, so happy with how soft my skin felt, and not a touch of dryness either. The SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps retails for $42.

 My dry skin is saying thank you to Votre Vu for such nice treatments. Both the SnapDragon Beauty Beverage and the SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps have been refreshing to my dry skin.

I would love for my husband to try the Beau Baume Organic Shave Balm.
 I also think the SELF PRESERVATION Bronzer Pour Le Corps would be great for some color.
Want It? Buy It!
Great products are available now, head over and check them out! You can contact Pamela on her Votre Vu page, Facebook page, or follow Votre Vu on Twitter. Pamela can help you find the right products for you and your skin. She can also help you host a Votre Vu soiree and earn your own free products, click here to learn more.

Pamela also has some favorite products
Amour D'Ore-retails for $49
BeBe Duette-retails for $39.50
Parfait Nuit-retails for $64

and of course the SnapDragon Beauty Beverage and Pour Le Corps!

Want It? Win It!
One lucky MBP fan and follower will win SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps of their own. Just use the easy entry form below and make sure to complete all of the mandatory requirements, we will double check!

Pamela was wonderful to work with and very easy to communicate with. Thanks Pamela for sharing Votre Vu with us! We look forward to sharing it with our readers too!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the Votre Vu products that I was sent to review directly from this representative, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. Anything to help my dry skin! It all looks amazing.

  2. Wow...I am intrigued. Lots to look at! I will have to make my rounds through your website.

  3. I'm completely new to this company, I'd love to try several of their products!


  4. I'd like to try their BALANCED SKIN Sérum...and everything else they make too!

  5. I want to try the cheveux hereux hair products.

  6. any of the skin products! I have superrrr dry skin!!

  7. I'd like to try the Snapdragon beverage. arobimom at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Ladies, Of all the products you would like to try, I can NOT choose a BEST one, I honestly as a licensed Esthetician, like them all. The Men's line is absolutely top of the line, I wish more American men would try it. I am not sure who the lucky winer is, I say CONGRATULATIONS to you.



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