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Touchstone Crystal Review and Giveaway

I have to say that I am a pretty lucky gal. I have a wonderful husband that loves me, a new home and we are beginning to plan our family. Life couldn't get any better, or could it? Life is always better with a little sparkle, and I have been told by my husband that after buying me diamond earrings for a Christmas gift while we were dating, buying an engagement ring, and then a new engagement ring,( I was allergic to something used in the old ring) and wedding set, that I am not getting jewelry from him for a very long time! Humph.....Well, lucky for me Touchstone Crystal came to my rescue.

Seville Pendant
Touchstone Crystal sells gorgeous, and amazingly stunning Swarovski Crystal jewelry. Like I just stated, their jewelry is STUNNING! I was given the opportunity to review the Seville Pendant and could not wait for the pendant to arrive. I was planning out the outfits that I would wear the pendant with, and thinking of the reasons I would tell my husband of why I needed to go buy some new clothes. Now, Catherine from Touchstone Crystal, gave me the idea to wear the necklace and add a little sparkle to a new years eve party. I was so excited to wear it and dazzle everyone until boom, I had to get up at 2:30am to go to work the next day. So, I decided to just go for it, and where it to work and jazz up my uniform. I could not believe the looks and comments I got all day, not just from my coworkers, but from passengers who wanted to know where they could get that necklace too!

Seville Pendant
The Seville Pendant is definitely a discussion piece, the talk of the party. With it's beautiful curves,rounded back and flat front filled with over 100 Swarovski Crystal Elements, it really is the "Circle of Life!", all held together on a 19" lobster clasp chain. I am in love with the Seville Pendant, and it is easy to see why. With the pendant being affordably priced at $85.00, you can have that special go to piece in your jewelry box. And here is where you jab your significant other in the ribs, and casually mention you would love to have this as a valentines gift. It's the perfect gift for someone who is on a budget and wants to look of diamonds, without the price, plus with the elegant swarovski crystals, it's a sure fire way to keep yourself out of the dog house. Plus it comes in a beautiful gift box that I know I will keep with me for a long time, so guys, there is no need to worry about wrapping a box! 

Windsor Pendant

The Seville Pendant is easily something you can wear with that little black dress, but it is also a piece that you can wear with jeans and a cardigan, or blazer, wear it to work with your business casual, or wear it on your wedding day, give it to your daughter for prom, or keep it to yourself and wear it everyday. It is such a versatile piece, you decide your favorite way to wear it. If the Seville Pendant isn't your style, do not fear, Touchstone crystal is sure to have something you'll love, with their signature Swarovski Crystals embellishing their beautiful creations. I am also in love with their Windsor Pendant, with it's beautiful art deco style, it is a brilliant piece to add to your wardrobe. That is the piece I am jabbing my hubby in the ribs for!
So what pieces will you fall in love with?

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in this review.
The opinion in this review is solely mine, your experience may differ.

Thanks to Touchstone Crystal, one of our lucky readers will win a Seville Pendant of their very own!
I want to thank Touchstone Crystal for allowing me to review their beautiful Seville Pendant.

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  1. It is gorgeous, that's why! Thanks! gfc eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com

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  3. They are beautiful! Not sure where to put my email in the entries so mwalter1985@yahoo.com

  4. It's shiny and pretty and you can wear it casually or for dress up occasions. arobimom at gmail dot com

  5. It looks like it could be used in a dress up or dress down outfit..love it!

  6. I would love to win this to give my sister for her birthday in March. I don't have the money to spend right now (due to a 16month unemployment for my hubby, and me now working 3 jobs to make ends meet).


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