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Paparazzi Accessories with Nina DuPont (Review & Giveaway)

Part of our Valentine's Day Feature

Since becoming a mommy, I have definitely had to learn the meaning of the word sacrifice. Things I was once accustomed to doing, having, etc, have changed. I used to be able to drop fifty dollars on some new jewelry, and it wouldn't have broken the bank. I loved my little 'me treats.' Now that I have a child, I would much rather save the treats for my sweet son. I would rather get him some new shoes than buy myself a pair of new earrings.

Thankfully, there's a new company called Paparazzi Accessories that's come to my rescue! Friend to Mommy's Block Party, Nina DuPont, is an Independent Consultant with this hip and affordable jewelry and accessories company. She offered to send me a few pieces of jewelry to review, and I was really looking forward to seeing what she chose to send to me! I don't new jewelry very often, so this was really going to be a treat for me.

Nina was kind enough to send me a necklace and earrings set, a bracelet and a ring! I sort of felt like I hit the jewelry jackpot when I opened up my package! 

Necklace from Paparazzi Accessories...

The necklace and earrings that Nina chose for me are so pretty! They are a nice combination of silver metal and almost garnet colored beads... and garnet is my birthstone, so this was extra exciting for me! The earrings have a nice little dangle to them, but they are extremely light. They can add class or sass to lots of pieces from my wardrobe! The corresponding necklace is funky and fun, but can also look very elegant. I paired the necklace and earrings with a simple black top, because I wanted my jewelry to be the star of my ensemble!

 Metal Cuff Bracelet from Paparazzi Accessories...

Nina also sent me a really beautiful silver metal cuff bracelet. I absolutely love the bracelet! Though I love everything that I was sent, the bracelet may be my favorite! It's a nice wide cuff, and it really looks great with everything. I lead worship every Sunday morning at my church. I stand alone, in front of everyone with a wireless mic in hand, as I lead the worship songs. I have pretty long arms and legs... and sometimes I feel awkward and gangly... really, I do! People are already sort of watching me, so anything that I can add to my ensemble (that isn't too flashy) to sort of divert someone's eye every now and then, is awesome to me! I have worn the cuff a few time already on a Sunday morning, and I have received a lot of compliments on it. I love that it isn't heavy, and I love the etched design! I'm going to be wearing this bracelet a lot!

Silver Flower Ring...

I was also lucky enough to receive this pretty flower ring! It has an adjustable band, which is great! I love the design of the flower, which just sits on top of the band. I wore this ring a couple of times, and really loved the way it stood out! I'm not a ring-wearer, but I so enjoyed wearing this one. Sadly, the last time I went to re-adjust the band, the flower snapped off of it. Lucky for me, I have a little soderring kit and can easily fix it... so I can keep on enjoying it!

When I put all of the jewelry on together, it looked really nice. These pieces can be worn together for a chic, high-fashion look, or apart! 
Check out the whole shebang...

Necklace, earrings and bracelet (flower ring not shown here)...

Now, the thing you really need to know about Paparazzi Accessories is that NOTHING that they sell is priced over $5.00! Seriously! They have an entire collection of beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair accessories and more for $5.00 each! Can you believe that!? I can totally afford to buy jewelry now! And don't worry- just because the price is cheap, that doesn't mean the quality is cheap. Other than my ring coming apart (which was really kind of my fault), I have had zero problems with my new pieces of jewelry, and nothing has turned green, nor have I had any reactions to the metal (and I have sensitive ears). Nina is definitely onto something with representing a line of jewelry and accessories that everyone can afford to buy! Moms everywhere, rejoice! These jewelry pieces are fun, flirty and classy accessories are perfect for everyday wear, a night out on the town, etc! They'd make wonderful gifts for Valentine's Day, too! So guys, even if the wallet is tight this month, you CAN afford to get something nice for your girl! 

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase jewelry and accessories from Paparazzi Accessories by contacting Nina directly or by visiting her Facebook page. There is no website or catalog to order from. You must order directly from Nina's selection of current inventory. 

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a Mystery Jewelry Prize from Nina! How exciting! Just use or easy entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Nina for introducing me to Paparazzi Accessories, and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!

Disclosure: Other than the jewelry I received to review for this post, directly from the featured sponsor, I was not compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

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  1. well with my exhausted brain and temporary short time memory loss, while looking at the facebook page, I have now forgotten what I am supposed to write about.... so I will tell you what I like. In the sept 2011 inventory there are a row of flower rings which I love and a necklace with blue beads. from november invetory there was a row of purple necklaces and a bunch of blue flower rings. I can't believe jewlery that looks that great can be so cheap.
    fantastic find.

  2. I liked the gold tone necklace with the filigree balls. arobimom at gmail dot com


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