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Lemongrass Spa with Mylah Stanton Review

Since becoming a reviewer with Mommy's Block Party, I am having so much fun trying out products I normally would not know about or where to find. I am getting to treat myself more with mini at-home spa-type treatments as well, and who doesn't love that? I can say my skin is probably in the best shape this winter as it has ever been, partly because of the nicer weather, but I am also using products I didn't take the time to use before.

As Mommy's Block Party has grown, and continues to grow sometimes hourly it seems, we have had some great opportunities to work with some amazing companies. One of our newest features is our Spotlight Sponsors, we are so excited to have launched it in February. Every month our sponsors will provide products for reviews and even giveaways--how great is that for all of us?

One of my first Spotlight Sponsors is Mylah Stanton, consultant with Lemongrass Spa. With headquarters in Colorado, and owned by a husband and wife team, Lemongrass Spa is providing quality body care products for babies, men, and women.
Lemongrass Spa uses only the highest grade oils, butters, botanicals, and essential oils. Many products are phtlalate-free fragrances as well and use hand selected natural ingredients.

All of the Lemongrass Spa products are free of:
- Phthalates-
- Mineral Oil-
- Formaldehyde-
- Petroleum based fillers-
- Sodium Laureth Sulfate-
- Lake colorants-
- Parabens-

For more information about Lemongrass Spa, click here.

When Mylah first contacted me, she was so excited for me to receive and try out the Lemongrass Spa products. She helped to determine what product to send me, based on my fragrance interest and skin type. I so appreciated Mylah taking the time to get to know me a bit beforehand. Once my product arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. Mylah was really easy to communicate with and really friendly, this always makes things go smoothly in my book, so thanks Mylah!

My product arrived through UPS, safely bubble wrapped and included a copy of my order, my product, and a quick preprinted thank you note from the owners of Lemongrass Spa. I really liked the preprinted note, which also gave a bit of information about the company , the products, and a return/exchange policy.

Let me tell you this, I love the smell of the Lemon Sorbet Body Polish, even before using it I was dreaming of a glass of fresh lemonade. It has such a fresh, gentle scent to it.

I couldn't wait to try it out in the shower and give myself a bit of me time, which of course lasted only a few minutes before my shower loving 2 year old wanted in. I needed to shave, so that was my first stop. I used about half a palmful and rubbed down my legs prior to shaving. I also used it on my arms and stomach during the rest of my shower. I probably used about a palmful for my whole body. The smell was really nice and my 2 year old keep sniffing the air and saying "it smells yummy here". I rinsed and dried off, my skin felt really smooth and fresh, not oily feeling at all, and I also used my regular body lotion. Two days later, my legs were still feeling really soft and smooth, as were my arms. I was really impressed with my Lemon Sorbet Body Polish and will continue to use it until every last drop is gone. It would be great for the rough parts of your body too.

The Lemongrass Spa Lemon Sorbet Body Polish is packaged in an 8 oz plastic container, which is a generous amount and perfectly safe for shower use, in case it would be dropped. All of the Body Polish's retail for $15 each and there are currently 14 different Body Polish options.
 A few other great ideas and products from Lemongrass Spa:
Baby on the Go Gift Set-retails for $22
 Fragrance free and perfect size to throw into a baby shower gift

Bronzing Butter-retails for $17
Moisturizes and adds a bit of color all in one

Men's Travel Set-retails for $15
Perfect for a man who travels for work or vacation, meets airline requirements for carry on luggage

Want It? Buy It!
Visit Mylah's Lemongrass Spa page here, she will be more than willing to help you find the best products for your skin and body! You can also find Mylah on Facebook, great product information and ideas. Follow Mylah on Twitter, her thoughts and info about Lemongrass Spa products.

Mylah also gave me her three favorite Lemongrass Spa products:
Burgundy Mint Lip Shimmer - amazing mint taste and smell with a tint of berry color
Healing Elements Balm - has provided comfort for my eczema and my baby's diaper rash!
Coconut Lime Vanilla Body Spritz - smells heavenly and the fragrance lasts all day.

Many, many thanks Mylah. My skin is feeling so smooth thanks to the Lemongrass Spa Lemon Sorbet Body Polish! We appreciate all your involvement with MBP!

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