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Knot Genie (Review & Giveaway)

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my husband and I would talk about what traits of ours, the baby would have. Jokingly, my husband would say his brains, his looks, his sense of humor, but one thing he never wanted to pass on to our kids was his hair. I agreed 100% on this one. My husband has very thin, thin hair and I have extremely thick, naturally curly hair.

For the first two years, Beckett had very blond, straight, hair and not much of it.
I had begun to think, maybe he won't get my hair after all.

All of that changed in the next year or so, and now at 5, he has got a head full of thick, tan, curly hair.

Being a boy, Beckett can get away with crazy hair a bit more than if he was a girl, and we do his haircuts at home. I like cutting his hair, it is cheaper and easy for me to do, Beckett has other opinions about haircut day, until we were introduced to this product...

It never failed that come haircut day, Beckett would have all sorts of knots and tangles in that mess of curls and trying to brush them out was painful for him. He would cry and whine to try to get out of me brushing. We first tried detangler spray, which did okay but wasn't perfect and still took awhile to brush out.

After getting in contact with Rikki from Knot Genie, our world was changed. Rikki was wonderful to us and sent us our very own Knot Genie Detangling Brush.

We were sent the Puff of Purple brush, which retails for $19.99.

 The Knot Genie Detangling Brush is shaped in a cloud like form and fits really easily into my hand. It does not have a handle, which would be nice for Beckett to hold the brush himself, and after reading a bit on Facebook, something I read makes me think a new product may just be on the horizon. The purple top is plastic and seems to be pretty durable. Underneath, the many bristles are multi-sized and extremely flexible.

According to the Knot Genie box: "The magic trick behind the Knot Genie, has to do with the different lengths of teeth of teeth on the brush. When brushing, they bend just right, to gently untangle the hair, and because of this lack of stress, the hair's cuticle stays unharmed."

When it was haircut time, we got out our Knot Genie and Beckett had his normal fit about "not hurting my head" and "I don't want you to brush my hair".  I have to say, he did not make a peep when I brushed out his tangles and knots and we were done really quickly.

After the Knot Genie
Using the Knot Genie Detangling Brush did not result in any fits, tears, or mad stomps at a hurt head. Heck Yes for this mama!

I mentioned that I had extremely thick, curly hair and if the Knot Genie Detangling Brush had been around when I was younger, I would have been begging my mom to try it. It would have been so nice to use after I had washed my hair to get out all the crazy tangles and avoid the painful pulling from a normal comb or brush.

Thank you Knot Genie for making haircut time less of a struggle for one feisty curly headed 5 year old, his mommy thanks you too!

Some Knot Genie tricks of the trade for all hair types can be found here.
Some Knot Genie fan testimonials can be found here.

-Knot Genie currently comes in 5 colorful choices-

Want It? Buy It!
The Knot Genie Brush is so unique and easy to use. It would make a great gift for anyone with hair brush issues or to try something new. To order your own Knot Genie, please visit the online store or check them out on Facebook for other helpful information.

Want It? Win It!
One lucky MBP follower will get their own Knot Genie Brush. Please use the easy entry form below to enter for a chance to win. Remember, if you make a purchase from Knot Genie while the giveaway is going on, you can earn an additional 25 entries to win, just comment on what you purchased. Good Luck!

Thanks to Knot Genie and Rikki for providing us with such a helpful product to review and share with our readers. The Knot Genie Brush is so great!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclosure: Other than the product I was sent directly, I was not compensated to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and your experience may differ.

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  1. My little girl has hair that is thick & fine at the same time if that makes sense! no matter what i brush/comb it with she cries and I know it hurts her. I have been told this is the best brush out there for little ones. Would LOVE to win it!

  2. my 10 yr old has fine thin hair that seems to knot up overnight, she also sweats alot and it tends to get matted :(

  3. My oldest daughter has very long and thick hair...this would be perfect for her since she hates tangle bears when we have to brush it. Could help when my youngest daughter is older too.
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  4. I ordered the Knot Genie from Baby Half Off and can't wait to get it in to try it

  5. I have three daughters.
    One is bald, so i'm not concerned about her yet.
    One has thick wavy long hair that she insits she is going to grow down to her bum. /Even when we do brush it, it is knotted and messy 5 minutes later.
    The other has fine hair, but a lot of it, with the tyical little kid matt at the back. She is trying to out do her sister and plans to grow it to her ankles. I can hardly wait! Typically, she looks like she is wearing a mop on her head.
    regardless, it is a fight to brush their hair everyday. I just learned about this product today and will be picking up two imediately.

    three cheers for this momma inventor!

  6. My youngest has long, somewhat fine still, blond hair with a little curl at the end. Just sitting in her carseat for 10 minutes creates a thick, matted mess at the back of her head, and since she is terrified of hairbrushing, it takes two of us 10-15 minutes to get through it. We have been tempted to cut it chin length, but besides the fact she has beautiful hair, there is no way she would allow anyone to cut her hair. I'm hoping this brush is the end of our arguments.

  7. I have 2 daughters that have very thick curly hair! lilsis_75@hotmail.com


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