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Horizon-Find Happy Review & Giveaway

My kids have been huge milk drinkers from day one. I nursed both of my kids and when it was time to transition to whole milk, my first choice with both kids was organic. Organic had a sweeter flavor and all the benefits of being produced without antibiotics, pesticides, and from cows not given added growth hormones, I felt that it was the best choice for us.

Fast forward to today, my 5 year old is in Preschool and my 2 year old is in a Parents Day Out program. They both eat lunch at school and I did not want them to drink a juice box, as we are not a huge juice family.  For school drinks, I have always bought "juice box milk" as my kids call it and Horizon is the brand I have usually purchased. Horizon carries many organic dairy products, from milk to cheese to butter.

When I was contacted by a PR firm to check out what Horizon had currently going on, and host a Horizon giveaway, I was all about it. Many thanks to Dayna, Dina, and Jennifer from Linhart PR. You can check them out on Twitter, Facebook, or their blog.

So what does Horizon currently have going on, you ask? Well, read on my friends...

Horizon recently launched a Facebook app called "Find Happy". Happy is the Horizon's cow mascot, who is on all of their packaging. "Find Happy" asks participants daily questions about Horizon, correct answers then unlock a series of maps, and eventually you will locate Happy's exact location. The first 50 people who correctly identify Happy's location, will be entered to win a trip to Jamaica.
A bit more about "Find Happy"
How do I "Find Happy"?--Go to Horizon's Facebook Page, click on the Find Happy tab (located in the left hand column), click get started, a daily multiple choice question will pop up for you to answer. You will also be given a link to help find the correct answer. Answer correctly and the map will zoom in, the more correct daily questions, the closer the zoom until you locate Happy. The more fans who participate, the faster the zoom will go. The map is already zoomed in several levels, so now is a great time to get in on the action! Yes-I am playing along and you should too!

What will I win?--There are many different prize opportunities along the way by sharing the app with your friends. The first 50 people to correctly find Happy are entered in a drawing to win the grand prize, a trip to Jamaica.

To help promote the "Find Happy" app, I was sent a Horizon prize pack.
 Our prize pack included a reusable shopping bag, a notebook, a pen, and coupons for free products.

 Beckett can fill up a notebook faster than anybody I have ever seen and loves pens.
 Hard at work drawing pictures.

What our free product coupons are going for-Horizon Single Serve Low fat Chocolate Milk Boxes
School lunch boxes are happy for "juice box milk"

-A bit more about Horizon-
Horizon has created a few tools to help people better understand the benefits organic dairy offers.
  • A series of video vignettes in which kids answer questions on topics from animal welfare to healthy eating. More will be launching soon on Facebook, the webpage, and in Horizon's Healthy Families Community.
  • An infographic that highlights the differences between conventional milk and organic milk. You can check that out here.
  • A scribing video that shares information about health and nutrition, organic dairy, family farming, animal welfare, and the ways Horizon supports parents.
Want It? Buy It!
You can buy Horizon products at your local stores, please check here to locate the nearest one.
You can follow Horizon on Twitter, Facebook, or their website. Make sure to head over and play "Find Happy" with other Horizon fans!

Want It? Win It!
One lucky MBP reader will get a Horizon Gift Pack of their own. Just use the easy entry form below and make sure to complete all of the mandatory requirements, we will check! Remember you can also have the chance to win a trip to Jamaica if you "Find Happy" on Horizon's Facebook app.

Thanks again ladies at Linhart PR for hooking us up with Horizon Prize Packs!

Thanks and Good Luck!

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