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Celadon Road With Jennifer Review and Giveaway

Celadon Road

I must say that things in my house can get kind of mess. My dog has taken a liking to digging in the mud and tracking it through the house, my husband tracks sealant and grease in on the floors and his clothes, and me, well I'm perfect! Not!!! I am probably the worst offender. I am such a messy cook, I spill things all over the place, but my mom always said, "the best cooks are the messiest!" With a quick walk through my home, it would appear to be clean, but deep down  it really took me several hours to clean it all, and I still would feel like the house is only surface clean. I was becoming so tired of spending hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors, breaking my arms with the counter stains, and not to mention the piles of laundry that never ends. I wanted something to make life a little easier, because I hate cleaning. Celadon Road is just what I needed.

Celadon Road Products

Celadon Road Promotes Greener, Healthier, more Socially Responsible living, and I really like that idea! I am slowly trying to change my carbon foot print, and if using greener cleaning and bath products can help start me on that path, then I was ready to make a change! Jennifer Vega with Celadon Road, sent me some really amazing products that I can't wait to share with you all! Jennifer sent me a Liquid Spray Stain Remover, Unscented Powdered Laundry Detergenta Peppermint Bar Soap, a sample of All Room Cleanser and a sample of Body Butter, which is excellent if you have eczema, which I do, and so does my mother! The body butter calmed the burn and itch of the bumps, and I ended up letting my mom take it home with her since it helped her so much! These products are so amazing, and Celadon Road is a member of the Organic Trade Association, so I can feel good about where my products are coming from and that the products are safe for my family.

Stain Remover

Now, as I said before, I am a very messy person, I won't wear white when we go out to eat Mexican, if the salsa can fall, it will! One day, while eating very, berry applesauce I seemed to have missed my mouth and plop, sauced my shirt! Oh, and yes I was wearing white! At first I was very upset because I thought i was going to have to throw out one of my favorite shirts, but then I remembered that I had a stain remover from Jennifer. I grabbed the bottle, read the directions, Spray on the spot, rub to get the spot out, wait to dry. That was it! I couldn't believe how simple it sounded, no rinsing, no washing, right before my eyes, the stain started to disappear. I was so excited! I am sold on the stain remover, and after the stain was gone, I washed the shirt with the unscented powder detergent, and my clothes came out so clean and fresh feeling. They felt very light and airy. I've never experienced that before from a detergent! It's nice having your clothes feel the way they were meant to be worn!

Stain Remover Working

The peppermint bar is so soothing. My skin was tingling in the shower, and it felt so refreshing to have the scent of peppermint wake up my senses instead of the cold water since we are in desperate need of a new hot water heater. After using the soap for a few days, I noticed an overall improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. With normal soap, it can leave a waxy build up on your skin, but with the peppermint bar from Celadon Road, it left my skin soft, clean and soothed from the peppermint oil in the soap. I love this soap, it reminds my of a body wash from a major store, but at half the price, and not full of parabens and sulfates.

Peppermint Bar Soap

Celadon Road is such a great company with a such a great mindset. Being Green, learning to live a sustainable life and  help Mother Earth, is a good way to live. Celadon Road has many other great products for you to choose from. In need of a great BPA free water bottle, well look no further. Facial cleansers that are gentle on your skin, Celadon Road has them. Looking for organic treats and products for your pet, you guessed it, Celadon Road has them too! Baby and childrens products, prints for your home, journals, jewelry, bowls, glass products, the list goes on and on with the wide array of products that Celadon Road offers to it's customers. I am hooked on Celadon Road, they have a new customer in me, and I hope you all will love it as much as I do.

Jennifer is graciously offering a giveaway with this review. In order to be entered in to the giveaway, Jennifer has asked that you place a minimum $6.00 order. Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to review your products, and for including a giveaway for our awesome readers!


Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated for my review. I was sent the above mentioned product straight
 from the sponsor and the opinion in this review is solely my own. Your experience and opinion may differ.
Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for any difference in experience or opinion.

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  1. I would like to live on an earth with plenty of resources, and we can't do that if they are all polluted... :( eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com

  2. Maria L. (mariapharmd@gmail.com)February 22, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    I cannot wait to try some of these products. I have been looking at the website over and over!

  3. What a great review. I've seen the site before and even though I haven't tried the products yet, I would definitely try them! I believe in being Eco friendly!

    1. If you would like some samples, email me at gogreenwithjennifer@gmail.com with your address and I will get them out to you.

  4. being green is important to my entire family due to our terrible allergies, and profound hatred for harsh chemicals. :)


  5. Being green is more important now than ever before because we had our first son in September. We're trying to make his world as green as possible, while leaving his future world as good as possible. (mary at maryhorowitz dot com)

  6. mail2ahayes@gmail.com
    Because it takes an area the size of Pennsylvania to dump all our waste each year - yuck!

  7. (1st I want to mention that the link to Jennifer's FB was not working) I have been green for years & it is important for own bodies as well as the planet . Faythe A @ GMT (gramousetails atgmail com) thanks!

  8. Being green is important to me cause I don't want to leave a polluted planet for my kids. arobimom at gmail dot com


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