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A Teddy Bear Tale by Nick Davis

Growing up, I had a stuffed animal that my Dad had given to me as a baby. He was a little stuffed dog, white with brown ears, and played a lullaby when his key was turned. This little white and brown dog, who I am actually not sure ever had a name, is lovingly stored, in my parents toy box, in their home. My son, Beckett, also has a stuffed brown dog who sings a lullaby, by the name of Pups, given to him by his Aunt Jessie, when he was born.

My little white and brown dog and Pups are what Beckett calls, specials. Special by definition means something unique to us, held in high importance, with a specific purpose. Pups has the very important job of sleeping with Beckett, watching over him, and making sure he is loved all through the night. I think all of us, at one time, have had our own "special".

I recently read a new book to Beckett, appropriately titled A Teddy Bear Tale. Nick Davis, the author, is a friend of Mommy's Block Party and asked us to review his newest creation. I was honored to get his signed copy for our household collection.

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The story starts out asking the reader to imagine a rather simple bedroom which belongs to a boy. It is described, exactly how one would imagine-posters, sports items, dirty clothing, you know what kind of room I am describing--a teenage bedroom. The illustration goes perfectly to set the story.
  As the reader soon learns and may have already noticed, a small bear is also present. This bear, the "special" of the boy, is the main character in the story. His name is Tristan, and as his boy has gotten older, has been abandoned on the shelf. Tristan has been the companion and more importantly, a guardian to his boy, against all the things that come in the night.

Nick Davis has done an excellent job at describing Tristan and made me think of my stuffed dog and also of Beckett's Pups. The toy so important and loved by his child. I can easily imagine Tristan laying in Beckett's room as much as I can see him in the illustrations.

Tristan knows his time has come, he is older and weaker, and his boy no longer will be needing him, as his boy is safe from all scary things in the night. He is spending the last night with his boy. But this night becomes different as the Monsters have been waiting for Tristan and this point in the boy's life. The Monsters start their attack, but Tristan is ever ready to protect his boy.
I LOVE the names Nick Davis has chosen for the Monsters in the story. Funny, yet still a bit frightening to the reader. With the Bogeyman at the heart of the Monsters, I can relate to my own childhood fears of "Monsters under the bed" or "Monsters in the closet".

There are No-Names, No-Noses, Slobbering Slobs who are the most cowardly and easily scared away by Tristan. Then come the Knockers, Blighters, and Silly Buggers who are still cowardly by nastier. Tristan easily fights off the first rounds of Monsters but has become much weaker.

Tristan could very well give up, but knows he cannot. Now come the Kobolds, Goblins, and Blue Skins who are small but very cruel and strong willed. Tristan is very roughed up and goes to his boy for comfort. Soon the final Monster, the Dust Dragon, appears.

Everything about the Dust Dragon is great. Nick Davis did an amazing job giving this Monster "life" and his name "Fluffy" is hilarious. Fluffy is very fierce and Tristan has a hard time defending his boy. The fight scene with the Dust Dragon is intense and the reader can feel everything going on. You can also just feel a chill when the Bogeyman appears.

Our absolute favorite part of the book is the Dust-B-Gone vacuum cleaner. Tristan is one savvy protector and we laughed at Fluffy's demise.

The final pages are the battle with the Bogeyman and you can't help but cheer for Tristan as he gives his all to protect the one he loves. We loved the ending to the battle, I am not going to ruin the surprise here, you will have to read it for yourself.

 Nick Davis has written a great story that so many adults can relate to and children can understand. I highly recommend this book for your older children and even just for yourself. I am confident that Tristan will not be done with his adventures and look forward to what is to come.

The back cover of A Teddy Bear Tale

Nick Davis also included these two illustration pages. 

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Disclosure: Other than the product I was sent directly, I was not compensated to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and your experience may differ.

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  1. Dear Sister,
    Please bring this book home with you the next time you come home to Valpo so I can read it! It looks awesome!
    Love, Me

  2. My favorite stuffed animal was a stinky old rabbit that I kept forever. arobimom at gmail dot com

  3. I had a stuffed dear stuffed animal and I loved him!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  4. I had a stuffed bear named Bear (real original - I know). My dad brought him home when I was 3(along with another similar one for my sister - Cuzzy Cuddles and a big polar bear from the same maker for my mom - nameless). That was nearly 30 years ago. Bear is still with me. My daughter (she's 4) recently "acquired" him and is loving him as much as I did (even though he is missing one complete eye and one is just the holder now).



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