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Pink Zebra with Angela Review & Giveaway

Part of our Valentine's Day Feature

There's nothing I love more than walking into a room that smells of my favorite scents. Scents trigger memories of special moments in your life, and they can also make a room come alive with energy and allure. I have had the opportunity to try a lot of different scents in my home, and a lot of different candles and fragrance warmers. I love to have a variety of scents on hand at home to match the seasons and to match my mood. During the holidays, I wanted to smell things like evergreen, peppermint and eggnog. Now that it's wintertime, I want to smell things like mocha and vanilla. Floral or cinnamon scents will be on my mind for Valentine's Day, and as soon as spring is in the air, I'll want fresh and clean-scented fragrances permeating my rooms and greeting my guests at the door.

I was recently introduced to a fairly new company, Pink Zebra. They are a direct sales company concentrating on home fragrances. Angela Knight, a consultant with this sassy and classy company chose for us to review a few of her favorite things from Pink Zebra. Since I love home fragrance so much, I was really excited to be able to try something from a new company. Angela asked me to review Pink Zebra's small Simmer Pot, along with some of the Sprinkles that are used with it. Angela very sweetly allowed me to choose the color Simmer Pot that I wanted, as I would be using it in my own home. I selected the green Simmer Pot, hoping it would match my stoneware from Celebrating Home.

After I sent my selection to Angela, it was only a few days before my package arrived. Inside the postal box, were three wildly sassy boxes- one containing the Simmer Pot, and two boxes of Pink Zebra Sprinkles. Angela also included a hand-written note, explaining how to use the Simmer Pot and what I could do with the Sprinkles. I couldn't wait to open the cute pink and white zebra-striped boxes!

 My new goodies from Angela with Pink Zebra. How cute are the boxes!?

I removed the Simmer Pot, first. It was very well packaged and protected in its box, to ensure that it would not break during shipping. It's a beautiful sage green color with a nice glaze over it. What I love is that is matches my stoneware collection really well, so it ties in with my kitchen beautifully! The Simmer Pot is a twist on a fragrance warmer. It's small, but powerful! Unlike most of my other fragrance warmers, it's not clunky or bulky, and it takes up very little room. The 'pot' or dish is a separate piece from the base. The base plugs in and warms, while the dish simply sits on top of it. There is a little red light on the side of the Simmer Pot that lights up while the warmer is turned on. I love this! I am so used to leaving my warmers on during the day that I am often afraid that I'll forget to turn them off when I leave the house. Since this Simmer Pot is on my kitchen counter, it's in a place I see many, many times a day- and the little red safety light is the perfect reminder that I need to turn it off!

 Green Simmer Pot from Pink Zebra- notice the red light on the side.

I really wanted to dig into the Sprinkles, so I did that next. Can't really use the Simmer Pot without those Sprinkles! I couldn't wait to smell the scents that Angela picked out for me! Sprinkles are tiny little wax pieces that literally look like sprinkles that you might use to decorate baked goods! They come in a clear jar, with a screw top, so you can see the yummy sprinkles inside. They are vivid in color, and they smell out of this world good! Angela sent me two different scents- Spiced Vanilla and Anjou Pear! They sound good enough to eat, and they smell good enough to eat, too!

 Anjou Pear Sprinkles...

 Spiced Vanilla Sprinkles...

I started out using the Spiced Vanilla, which I figured my husband would really like (and he does!). I love the way the vanilla scent fills not only the room the warmer is in, but the rooms around it, as well. Walking into my kitchen sort of made me feel like I was walking into a coffee or candy shop- and who wouldn't want to smell that all day!? I left the Spiced Vanilla Sprinkles in the warmer for a few days and then I switched to the Anjou Pear. It was super easy to swap the fragrance. I simply popped the dish of the Simmer Pot into the freezer for a few minutes, and gave it a tiny push with a butter knife, and the wax popped right out without a problem. This allowed a perfectly clean dish in which to warm up the Anjou Pear Sprinkles. I absolutely love the pear scent, as well! It smells like a room filled with freshly sliced, juicy fruit! I think it's a wonderful scent for spring and summer. I also wanted to see what would happen if I mixed the two Sprinkles scents together... because you are able to mix them together, if you want to. The vanilla mixed so nicely with the pear and created a scent that reminded me of one of my favorite candles of all time! It's so cool that you can get three scents out of two jars of Sprinkles from Pink Zebra!

There are so many neat things that you can do with the Sprinkles from Pink Zebra! Angela informed me that you can use them with your own candles. Just sprinkle a little layer for a subtle change, or a thick layer to create a new candle, all together! So cool that with the PZ Sprinkles, you can give old candles new life! PZ also has candle kits to help you create your own candle creations! Just choose your candle, which comes with a glass holder and a couple of wicks, then choose your Sprinkles. Sprinkle those cute little wax Sprinkles into the holder- layering as you choose, and voila! You've created a unique candle to enjoy and share! You'll never run out of fragrance combos and ideas with thirty-eight Sprinkles fragrances to choose from! I can't wait to try scents like Ginger Peach and the Summer Berry Medley. Tahitian Lime and Tropical Mango are on my summer scents wish list! Might also need to stock up on the Natural Cotton (one of my all time favorite scents- perfect for the powder room, a bedroom, a baby's room, etc.).

Pink Zebra offers an entire line of home fragrance options- each product unique and beautiful. Choose from items like the Glimmer Candle Kit, candle accessories, reed diffusers, lotions, soaps, spa candles and more!
Check out some of these great products from Pink Zebra that I can't wait to try!

Beautiful scented swirls- create your own with a Glimmer Candle Kit and Sprinkles!

Yummy-scented Reed Diffusers to choose from...

Gorgeous Large Simmer Pots...

Luxurious Lotions and Soaps...

I am loving everything about Pink Zebra! It's a great opportunity to look into if you'd like to start your own business, and they have a wonderful Hostess Plan just waiting for you, if you'd like to book a party! If those options aren't for you, you can simply shop Pink Zebra, anytime- right from the comfort of your own home! Pink Zebra's products come to you in super cute and sassy pink and white zebra striped gift boxes, so they are ready for gift-giving! I love that PZ goes the extra mile on this one! Pink Zebra is a wonderful company with so many unique ways to fragrance your home! All of the products that Pink Zebra offers would make wonderful gifts- think Valentine's Day, birthdays, Easter, bridal or baby showers, etc! Whatever the occasion, be sure to include PZ on the guest list!

Want It? Buy It!

You can get your hands on some sweet little sprinkles anytime! Just go to Angela's Pink Zebra website to explore all of Pink Zebra's wonderful products! While you're there, browse a little more to stock up on some decorating and fragrance inspiration. There are so many neat things you can do with those Sprinkles! Need some assistance? No problem! Just contact Angela- she is so, so nice and she truly knows her PZ! She'll be more than happy to help you!

Want It? Win It!

One very lucky MBP reader will win a Small PZ Simmer Pot and some Sprinkles! Just use our super handy entry form below to enter to win! Be sure to check out our new entry fields to win lots of extra giveaway entries!

Special thanks to Angela Knight with Pink Zebra for allowing me to experience the sweetness of PZ in my own home, and for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: Other than the simmer pot and sprinkles that I was sent directly from the featured representative, I was not compensated to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.

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