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My Canvas Images Review & Giveaway

I love taking pictures. I'm no self-proclaimed photographer, but I do love to snap photos of my friends and loved ones, and even a few still shots of things found in nature every now and then. My husband, however, does not share my love of photos or of being photographed. From the day Balian was born, I have begged for us to have a professional family portrait session, and until recently, was turned down every time! Some are of the opinion that photos are just pieces of paper, and they can be a huge waste of money, but to me, they tell the story of our lives. I want to have tons of pictures available for future generations of Witts- so they can see how we lived and loved.

I am always in a constant search for interesting ways to display photos. During a recent networking event online, I came across My Canvas Images, and connected with Ann Tobler. My Canvas Images is based in NC, and they do something incredibly cool! MCI takes a photo and prints it on canvas, creating a brand new, beautiful work of art to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Ann very kindly offered to send me one of their small canvases (8x10), printed with a photo of my choice. I was absolutely thrilled! Firstly, because I do not own a canvas print, and I thought it would be so fun to have a new dimension gracing my walls. Secondly, I thought it would be a wonderful chance to have a family portrait made. Ann directed me to select one of my photos that I'd love to have printed onto canvas, and attach it to an e-mail and send it back to her. I combed through photos, and finally decided on one of my favorite sweet photos of myself, my husband and Balian. It was taken the afternoon of my sister-in-law's wedding in the front yard of our church.

April 2011

After I sent my photo to Ann by e-mail, she had it checked to make sure the resolution was of good enough quality for printing, which I appreciated. After the photo received an 'okay,' it was sent off to be worked on for printing. After just a day or so, I received an e-mail from the My Canvas Images proofing department, which sent me an image to approve before it went to print. I thought it looked great, so I gave the 'go ahead,' and it was sent off to be printed.

It only took just a day or two for my photo canvas to arrive on my doorstep. My Canvas Images sent me an e-mail as soon as it shipped from their shop, and it arrived the next day. I couldn't wait to see what the canvas looked like. The canvas was excellently packaged and protected while in transit, and had 'fragile' stickers on the box. I carefully unwrapped the canvas, and just smiled at how wonderfully beautiful it turned out! The image itself, printed on the canvas was so crisp and clear! I didn't see a single flaw, nor did it look blurred or stretched out from the wrapping. The canvas came with hardware to hang it, which was extremely easy to install... just a simple hanger, nailed right into the back of the canvas frame.

Here's what the canvas looks like hanging in my house...

 The photo on canvas actually wraps around the entire wooden frame that the canvas sits over.

Now, My Canvas Images can do tons of really amazing things with your photos and offer their customers a lot of different options. For instance, you might want MCI's help creating a beautiful photo collage that tells a story worth remembering. They can also do lovely photo splits, and they offer amazing image enhancements: color splash, pop art, sepia, black and white, Andy, background replacements, and comics. Click here to see examples and samples of their work. My Canvas Images can even help you create gorgeous wall displays! Add instant pop or elegance to any room by creating a unique display of your photos printed on canvas! Wish I had room to do that in my home. I think it would be beautiful to do a series of black and white photos from mine and my husband's dating days, wedding, a baby bump photo, and a photo of Balian as a newborn. What's cool is that you could do something like this and keep adding to it as your family grows!

8x10 canvas prints start at just $54.00.
Check out the super easy to use online order form for more pricing and options- including wrapping and framing! Also, be sure to take a look at MCI's online gallery to see all of the beautiful and unique things they can do on canvas with your photos!

I feel like I have a true piece of art hanging in my home, thanks to My Canvas Images. I never thought I'd have such a beautiful portrait to cherish. My canvas hangs in my bedroom, on the wall beside my side of the bed, so it's the first image that greets me every morning. It is a beautiful reminder of how extremely blessed I am! I already have little 'art projects' in mind that I want to do, with the help of My Canvas Images.

With help from My Canvas Images, you can create an extra special gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new baby/parents, housewarming, retirement, etc. Capture each and every special moment, and then relive those moments by admiring your photos on a beautifully wrapped canvas print- yours to cherish, always!

Want It? Buy It!

You can create and purchase a beautiful canvas print by visiting My Canvas Image's website. To help get everyone started, My Canvas Images is offering MBP readers 25% off your total order, excluding shipping! What an amazing offer! Just use the code 2012 at checkout. Please note that this code cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Code expires February 20, 2012.

Want It? Win It!

My Canvas Images is offering one lucky MBP reader their very own 8x10 Canvas Print! Just use our entry form below to enter to win your print! Be sure to complete ALL mandatory entry fields to be eligible to win.

Special thanks to Ann Tobler at My Canvas Images for allowing me to review a canvas print of my very own, and for offering a discount and giveaway to our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: The above featured item was sent to me directly from this company. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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  1. I have a beautiful picture of both of my boys playing together when they were younger. I would love to have this hanging on my wall!

  2. I have this picture I took right before mothers day, when my daughter was just a few weeks old. It is my favorite picture of her and I'd love to have it put to canvas.

  3. I'd love to (finally) take a family photo and have it made into a canvas!

  4. I love to take pictures of my kids. It's great to have that lasting memory.

  5. I want to put a family vacation photo on canvas.

  6. i want a photograph of my 1 year old and 4 year old daughter together. b/c of finances, we have yet to have professional photos of the two of them together. but we're scheduled for an appointment at the beginning of feb.


  7. A picture of my kids!
    iheartcoupons4 at gmail.com

  8. I have a beautiful newborn picture of my daughter I would love to put on canvas!

  9. I have a picture of my baby girl sleeping in my husband's arms that I would love to have on canvas.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  10. would love to have a canvas of a photo of me and my hubby to hang up in our new home! :) it would be a perfect addition!


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