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Mobile Madness Review & Giveaway

Part of our Winter Wonderland Feature

I often find that some folks tend to get the blues in January. Christmas is over, the lights, decorations, parties and presents are all gone- and what are you left with? Hopefully, a clean house and a bright outlook on the new year. To avoid getting stuck in a wintery rut and  suffering from any form of the winter blues, I like to add a little winter sparkle to my home in January.

I leave my snowman collection alone until the Christmas decor is put away, and then I slowly begin to add little touches of white and silver around the house. I love snowflakes- they are so beautiful and unique, I just don't see how anyone could not love their brilliant shimmer? Everyone deserves a little snowflake sparkle in their lives, and I know just the place to find it!

Christina Wiswell owns a truly unique Etsy shop, Mobile Madness. You might be wondering what mobiles have to do with snowflakes? Well, Christina handcrafts beautiful, original mobiles of all kinds for everyone's enjoyment, and it just so happens that she sent me a gorgeous snowflake mobile to enjoy this winter season. Christina is a stay at home mom of two children in CO, and in her spare time (what's that, right?), she creates out of this world beautiful mobiles using materials like paper, beads, plastic, wood, wool, colored glass, etc.

I was so excited to learn that Christina was going to send me one of her pretty snowflake mobiles. I looked around her shop and truly thought that all of her mobiles were stunning, but the snowflake mobile was definitely among my favorites. I couldn't wait to receive it. It only took a couple of days for my snowflake mobile to arrive. It shipped directly from Christina, in a medium sized box. The mobile itself was very carefully wrapped in lots of tissue paper. Christina wraps her mobiles in a certain way- to help prevent them from getting too tangled in transit. Christina included a small note with instructions on how to hang the mobile. She said that the best way to get it all set up would be to hang it up, and then begin removing the tissue paper (some of it was purposefully taped to the mobile itself, again- to help reduce tangling). Tangling was inevitable, but Christina assured me that once it was hung up and I untangled any tangled strands, it would then stay untangled.

So, I sought out the perfect spot, and chose to hang it in the doorway between my living and dining rooms. It would be in a place that everyone would be able to see it, and where I could enjoy it during the day. I placed the circle hanger on a picture hanger that was already in place on the door frame, and then let go of the mobile. I carefully began removing the tissue paper, as directed by Christina and untangled about three snowflake strands at a time. Once the tissue paper was removed, and all of the strands were free from one another, I got down off of the chair I was standing on and stepped back to admire the mobile.

 Here's my pretty new Snowflake Mobile gracing my doorway...

 Even in the early morning, when it's still dark in the house, this mobile sparkles and shimmers!

The snowflake mobile was so beautiful! At almost 36 inches long, it really just drips snowflakes and ice crystals! The snowflakes are white cardstock cut outs, measuring about 1 1/2" x 2". They are strung along thin plastic lines, and there is a beautiful iridescent bead at the end of each strand. It took me about twenty minutes from hang time to admiration time, but it was well worth it! When my husband came home, he stood by and admired it for a few minutes, exclaiming how incredibly cool he thought the mobile was.

All of the visitors I have had in the past week, since first hanging the beautiful snowflake mobile have had something to say about it, or have asked where it came from. I love the way it gently moves and spins in the doorway. Balian gets excited when I lift him to take a closer look at it. He wants so badly to touch it! I almost wish that the mobile were made of a material that could stand up to the elements, because I think it would look beautiful handing on my front porch.

Along with the snowflake design, Christina has several other gorgeous mobile designs ready for shipping and for sale in her Mobile Madness Etsy Shop. Check out some of my favorite designs!


 Fall Leaves and Beads...

 Green Butterflies and Flowers...

Hearts- perfect for Valentine's Day!

Christina's mobiles are just stunning in person! When you look at one of them, you can see the hard work that goes into making these delicate beauties. These mobiles are perfect for adding some fresh color and whimsical decor to any room of your home! They'd be just adorable in a nursery or children's room, in a classroom, etc! These mobiles would be gorgeous to use for decor at a wedding, a shower, reception, anniversary party and more! The ideas are endless!

Want It? Buy It!

Are any of these lovely mobiles calling your name? You can purchase any of Christina's mobiles directly from her Mobile Madness Shop. If you have an idea for a custom mobile, just send Christina a convo and run it by her!

Want It? Win It!

One very lucky MBP reader will win their very own Snowflake Mobile from Mobile Madness! Just use the easy entry form below to enter to win! Please be sure to complete all mandatory entry fields.

Special thanks to Christina at Mobile Madness for sending me one of her beautiful mobiles to enjoy, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: Other than the mobile that I was sent directly from this shop owner, I was not compensated to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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