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eBeanstalk.com Review

I am always on the hunt for educational toys and books for Balian. Going on sixteen months of age, he's definitely into exploring... everything! Since I stay home with him all day, I try to bring in different types of play to further his learning, speech and development. Balian has a lot of fun toys, but I do still like to keep my eye out for things that will really help him grow and learn.

I was recently introduced to eBeanstalk, a website dedicated to connecting parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers with the best expert-selected learning toys, books and tools available. As I began exploring eBeanstalk, I was completely impressed by their website. The eBeanstalk homepage is wonderfully organized, and incredibly user-friendly. All of their shopping options are categorized by type of toy or book, brand, etc. You can also shop by age... and I mean, really shop by age! eBeanstalk breaks ages down into quarters, so that every three months, there are new recommendations for your little ones! eBeanstalk offers a fantastic Grow and Learn Gift Series, as well! Select your price and option to send a new gift (pre-selected by eBeanstalk) every three months! Talk about stress-free gift giving! eBeanstalk also features an excellent breakdown of developmental milestones by age. I truly love and appreciate that they make this information so easy to find for us parents! I am happy to see that Balian is right on track, if not a little bit advanced for his age. With this helpful chart, I can know for certain that Balian is where he needs to be, developmentally. eBeanstalk even has an expert team of specialists, who help parents and grandparents by answering questions and offering their expert advice and opinions on child development.

Little Shopper Playset

As I browsed, I was so excited to see their selection of top selling toys for 1 year olds! I came across so many toys that I would love for Balian to have, simply because I know how much he would enjoy them! He's really into stacking, sorting, building, etc, and eBeanstalk has an incredible selection of toys with vivid colors, fun shapes and textures that would encourage educational play. Balian is especially growing curious about items found in the kitchen, and loves to sit on the floor and 'cook' while mommy cooks, so I thought that the Little Shopper Playset would be perfect for him. He knows how to say 'apple' and 'banana,' which are included in this plush playset, and I think he would just have a ball with it!

A, B, C & 1, 2, 3 Penguin Pal

Along with learning words, and how things work, Balian is starting to recognize letters. One of his favorite television shows is all about putting letters together to make sounds and form words. I love that he's interested in words, but I need to be able to teach him the alphabet without having to turn to a television program. Thankfully, eBeanstalk has a complete selection of alphabet toys that I can turn to for help! They carry award-winning toys that help children learn their A-B-C's from early on! From stacking, sorting and matching toys to toys with lights and sound, the teaching aid possibilities are endless! I am particularly fond of the A, B, C & 1, 2, 3 Penguin Pal, and am adding it to my wishlist for Balian. He would flip for this learning toy! He loves penguins, has almost mastered saying 'penguin,' and would love to spend part of his day learning and playing with this adorable pal! I can't wait to get him and watch Balian learn and grow with the help of his new penguin friend!

 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

I also love to look for new books, because Balian loves to read! Sometimes I think he'd rather look at his books than play with his toys, and what mom would complain about that? Since he's so into his books, I try to bring new books in every few weeks. He and I both love Eric Carle books, and eBeanstalk carries the top Eric Carle books on their site! Their team of experts reviews each book carefully, and they select only the very best books based on design, safety, play value, etc! I love knowing that I can find such an excellent, and expertly chosen selection of our favorite books on the eBeanstalk website. Be sure to check them out! Personally, I can't wait to add 10 Little Rubber Ducks to our collection of books. Balian is learning to count, and this would be a wonderful aid for us, as it is age appropriate.

I am so happy to have found eBeanstalk. I'll be encouraging Balian's grandparents to visit their site and to check out their Grandparents Discount! I'll also be letting all of my other mommy friends and family members know about this wonderful site, so that they'll have lots of wonderful suggestions and options at their fingertips for their own children, or for Balian, when it comes time for gift-giving! I've already got a wishlist a mile long, but that's okay! As Balian reaches new developmental milestones, I'll know where to find the next best toys and books to further his development.


Disclosure: I received a gift certificate from eBeanstalk in exchange for posting my honest opinions in a review of their website. Your experience may differ.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on ebeanstalk. I checked it out earlier today with delight. I will be asking them for alink and display simply becasue I want a good link to developmentally appropriate writing that my tweens adn teens or 'green' parents can refer to quickly. thanks again, Malika Bourne


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