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Pure Romance by Jenny Smith
 Just Like Me Lubricant

*This post contains some adult content. *
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Ladies, I have to admit that I’ve started this blog probably 10 times already. It’s not because I didn't love the product, it’s because of the sensitive and personal nature of the product. With this in mind, I’ve decided to start off by talking about how awesome Pure Romance consultant Jenny Smith is, followed by how great of a company Pure Romance is, and then if you want to read about Pure Romance's Just Like Me Lubricant I’ll conclude with my review of the product. I figure this way you won't miss some of the important details of my review and you can opt out of the personal part. Because, in all reality, how do you honestly review Pure Romance's Just Like Me Lubricant, without actually using it?

Jenny Smith is a personal friend of mine, who I met through my wonderful husband Josh. (She's his best friends sister) I first met her at a Pure Romance party she was hosting at her house, while the men had a BBQ in the backyard. *Side note: men are NOT allowed at Pure Romance parties. Now, I had been to a few Pure Romance parties in college so I knew how they went, and wasn't expecting much more than an over the top consultant and a room full of shy women. Boy was I wrong! Jenny was the most knowledgeable consultant I’ve ever come into contact with and she really got the girls involved without being over the top. Jenny answered any question about any product and could speak about them with personal experience. I was extremely impressed!
Pure Romance is an awesome company that really works to empower women while staying focused on the health and wellbeing of all of its customers. They sell a variety of products from lotions to lingerie, to informative books and adult bedroom items. All of their items are safe for your body and come with complete instructions and ingredients. Nothing is tested on animals.

 Pure Romance parties are a great girls night in for you and your 18 and older friends! Your consultant will come to your house with a vast array of products for you to sample and see. You get to try lotions and taste different flavored lubricants if you so choose. If you are comfortable with romance themed party games, your consultant can help you pick some different ones to be played. All of your ordering is completely confidential. If you are not comfortable ordering face to face with your consultant, you can order from their webpage. When your products are shipped they come in a discrete unmarked box.
Here are some of my favorite Pure Romance products. 

Body Bling is an edible powder that will have you shimmering like a fairy princess without looking flashy. 
The Mini Nights of Passion pack includes yummy smelling massage oil, bubble bath, and a few surprises.

Basic Instinct is my all time favorite Pure Romance product. It is a roll on perfume enhanced with pheromones so it smells different on everyone who uses it.

Coochy is a shave cream that reduces bumps and razor burn. The best part about it is you don't have to have water to use it.
For this review I received strawberry Just Like Me Lubricant, a pH balanced personal lubricant that feels like your natural moisture. Just Like Me Lubricant has a gentle formula and is very silky. It comes in a measured dispensing pump and is totally easy to use. 

Since my hubby and I are newlyweds, romance still comes easy to us. On a random run of the mill evening we decided to try our bottle of Just Like Me Lubricant, and it rocked! Just Like Me Lubricant not only smelled great, but it has a special formula that “re-wets” itself, meaning if it dries out a little moisture and its silky smooth again. At the Pure Romance parties they have you rub some Just Like Me Lubricant between your fingers, wipe it off on a paper towel, and then lick your fingers, it feels like you just freshly applied it! It’s like magic! I would defiantly suggest Just Like Me Lubricant if moisture is an intimate issue for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Want it? Buy It!

Jenny Smith would love to be your personal consultant! Please take some time to check out her website and find a Pure Romance product that is perfect for you!

Want it? Win it! 

Because Jenny Smith is SO awesome she is offering an amazing giveaway for our readers! One lucky reader will win their own bottle of Just Like Me lubricant in Blueberry and a bottle of Sensations Warming Lubricant in Banana Split. Just fill out the easy entry form below. 
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Good Luck!


Disclosure: The above featured item was sent to me directly from this company. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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