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Ten Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards

It's mid-December, and by now, the holiday cards have started pouring in... flooding mailboxes with peace, love and well wishes for the new year. I love holiday cards, especially now that most people are sending out family photo cards. The last thing I want to do is hide those cards away, because they are beautiful reminders of how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our lives. 

I like to find different ways to display the cards we receive so that I can enjoy them during the holiday season. I could quite easily place the cards in one of my many (and I do mean many) card holders, but being the crafty gal that I am, I want to display them in a new way, so that they'll actually be seen!

Here are ten creative ways to display your holiday cards...

#1- Card holders

Buy inexpensive card holders and group a few of them together in different places around your home. Maybe put one in the family room, one in the office, your bedroom, the kid's room, kitchen, etc. Each day, take the one in front and place it in the back, so you get a 'new' card in each holder.

#2- Around a door frame

Use a sturdy ribbon to make a garland, and hang across a door frame- anywhere in your home! You can easily add new cards with scotch tape each time you get a new one! You can even have the garland drape down the sides of the door frame, if you tend to gets tons of cards!

#3- Along your banister

Decorate your banister with some festive garland or greenery. Add bells and whistles to your heart's content. As you receive cards, punch a tiny hole in the left corner, string a pretty ribbon through and make a loop. Hang your cards along the garland so that they hang at the desired length.

#4- Across your mantle

Decorate your mantle as you see fit, using greenery and accents, then simply stand your cards up across your mantle. Be sure not to put too many of them out all at one time, otherwise, it may look cluttered.

#5- Greeting tree

This is a super fun way to get the kids involved and get outside! Head out to your yard, or take a walk in your neighborhood. Collect tree branches of different lengths. Bring them home and stick them down into a piece of flat decorators foam. Add white batting or another craft supply item to make it look like snow around the trees. Using the same method as in #4, hang your cards from the tree branches. You can add little decorative items at the base... think ribbon, mini present boxes, a little Christmas village, etc! Let your imagination be your guide!

#6- Ribbon strands

Cut a sturdy piece of ribbon a little longer than the height of your kitchen cabinet door. Tape each end of the ribbon on the inside of the cabinet- top and bottom so that the ribbon faces on the outside of the cabinet door. Do this on all of your top cabinets, and fasten the cards to the ribbon with clothes pins! This is a super easy and festive way to brighten up your kitchen for the holidays!

#7- Make a wreath

Cut an 8" circle out of a piece of poster board or cardboard. Use a festive colored spray paint to paint the background. Use tape to secure the cards to the wreath form, and voila... instant wreath/display! Hang this anywhere in you home!

#8- Quilt or Embroidery Hoop

Have some old sewing hoops lying around? Add a little ribbon and attach cards with clothespins!  Hang them up on doors or on the wall in your home!

#9- Glass Canister Display

Breathe new life into your glass canisters, hurricanes and apothecary jars! Simply place your cards into these glass containers for an instant display!

#10- Make a Card Board

Have an old bulletin board or message board? Cover it in a pretty or even novelty holiday fabric and pin your cards up! This would work great in a family room, in the kitchen or office!

However you decide to display your cards this year, it'll be beautiful! Just be sure to display them in a way you can see them and enjoy them! And at the end of the season, don't throw those cards away! I'll be posting creative tips for upcycling your holiday cards in January!

Happy card displaying!


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  1. Hello - neat site! I just entered your Norwex giveaway ... only have some baby washcloths from them, but I LOVE their stuff! THANKS!

    Dropping by on the 'Find Friends' Hop. Following you every way I could find! :) Hope you can drop by my site, too.


  2. This post has such great ideas. I want to try one this year. Thanks.

  3. I "made" a card display last Christmas and LOVED it! Such a great idea!

  4. These are such great ideas for next Christmas I can't wait to use them we love putting cards out around the home at Xmas. Had to pin them and share with my friends too.

  5. I love this idea of hanging the cards on your door. I've never seen it done like that before.


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