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PartyLite Review & Giveaway

Part of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

There's nothing like a little candlelight to bring the holiday season to life. Everywhere I look, lights are glowing on garlands, on Christmas trees, and from candles nestled into beautiful candle holders. I love using candlelight to decorate my home. It makes for just the right atmosphere when you want to be romantic, warm and cozy, or when you're entertaining guests.

One of my all-time favorite home fragrance and decor companies is PartyLite. They have absolutely beautiful candle holders and decor, as well as delightful-smelling scents. I recently had the pleasure of working with Sherri Ralph of PartyLite back in October for Balian's 1st Birthday Bash. You can see my very first PartyLite review here. Sherri is simply the best! She is so personable and sweet. She always e-mails me with tips and ideas, and even PartyLite specials! Sherri jumped at the chance to participate in our Holiday Gift Guide after I had commented on a piece I thought was particularly beautiful in my last review post with Sherri. I noted how pretty I thought the Amaretto Swirl Collection was, and Sherri offered to send me PartyLite's Amaretto Swirl Hurricane for review! Needless to say, I was stoked!

When the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane arrived at my door, I simply couldn't wait to open it and see what it looked like in person. It looked so pretty in the picture! In person, it is just absolutely gorgeous... stunning, in fact! I love everything about it- from the metal stand with the delicate swirls for feet at the bottom to the mosaic pieces surrounding the top of the hurricane. The hurricane itself is pretty large, and is embellished with a beautiful swirled design. I love the colors... the clear glass and the amaretto colored glass look perfect together, and when a candle is glowing inside the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane, the glow that shines through the crackled glass is breathtaking.

 The Amaretto Swirl Hurricane by PartyLite

I had a really hard time deciding where to place the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane in my home. We don't have tons of room in my house, so at first, I placed it on my dining table as a beautiful centerpiece, which looked lovely until I started putting away the Thanksgiving decor and pulled out the Christmas decor. I thought I'd try it on my mantle. I wasn't sure how it would look, due to it's size, but to my (pleasant) surprise, it fit perfectly in the left corner (mantle's left). I had already placed the Christmas garland across the mantle, and had the photo holder on the other side. I definitely needed something else of the right height to balance it out. The Amaretto Swirl Hurricane from PartyLite looks just beautiful on my mantle, nestled in with the shimmering gold and burgundy hues from my Christmas decor. 

 The Amaretto Swirl Hurricane atop my mantle...

Full view of the mantle with the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane in the corner...

Here are some of the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane's features...

Clear swirls light up a toasty almond brown backdrop for a dramatic and rich display. 
Shapely glass hurricane is finished with a layer of crushed glass for an artisan air and is suspended from a brown metal stand. 
For use with a pillar, tealight, tealight tree or votive cup, sold separately. 
11" h, 7" dia.
Price:  $85.00 each 
Sherri also sent me the universal Tealight Tree, which is super cool! It's a metal stand which holds tealights, which means I can use it to light up my new Amaretto Swirl Hurricane. I don't have to mess with pillar candles unless I want to. The tealight tree makes it easy for me to quickly change the scent burning in my hurricane, too! Along with the tealight tree, Sherri sent a package of scented tealights in the Snowberries scent. They smell so, so good! PartyLite has tons of yummy-scented candles to choose from! Delight in these delicious scents for the holidays as you do your entertaining!

Universal Tealight Tree...

Now, Sherri saw the photo of the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane on my mantle and commented that another one on the other side would look great, and would help to balance it out. She's totally right! I am thinking that I definitely need to get another one, because I want to leave the Amaretto Swirl Hurricane on my mantle, permanently! I might even be tempted to get some of these other pieces in the Amaretto Swirl Collection from PartyLite and add little accents alongside the hurricanes. 

What do you think of these?

I'd need much more room to display this beautiful 
Amaretto Swirl Three Wick Holder, but I do love it!

This Amaretto Swirl Centerpiece is gorgeous, too! 
I know someone this would be a great gift for!

I think I'm just going to have to to get a couple of these Amaretto Swirl Tealight Holders. They'd look great across my mantle in between the larger Hurricanes! 
And the fun with PartyLite doesn't stop here! The new product line will be launching soon, and Sherri has told me that there's a beautiful new collection I'm going to drool over! I can't wait to see what PartyLite is going to offer its customers next!
PartyLite has amazing and beautiful products at affordable prices- perfect for holiday gift giving, birthdays, office parties, decorating your home, and more! I wish I'd known about PartyLite back when I got married, because I would have started a gift registry and had a big party!
Want It? Buy It!
You can purchase all of these featured items and many more on Sherri's PartyLite website! Take a look around and you'll be hooked... just like I am, ha! Can't find what you're looking for? Just contact Sherri! She would be more than happy to assist you!
Want It? Win It!
With a $20.00 online purchase on Sherri's PartyLite website, you'll be entered to win an Amaretto Swirl Tealight Holder! This would make a wonderful addition to your current home decor, or would make a beautiful gift. Just head to Sherri's website and snag a couple of candles, tea lights or holders (or more) and then come back here, tell us you made a purchase and follow the rest of the giveaway rules for your chance to win!
Special thanks to Sherri Ralph with PartyLite for allowing me to try a beautiful piece of the Amaretto Swirl Collection in my home for the holidays and for offering a piece from the collection for a giveaway item!
Good luck!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.


  1. Wow! I haven't seen Party Lite in a long time...I love the candles that Liquefy. Zen was my favorite.

  2. I thought all contests had to be "NO purchase necessary to win"?

  3. Are you at all interested in selling your Amaretto Swirl Large Hurricane? I broke my wife's and I am desperate to get ahold of one.


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