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Norwex Envirocloth

Norwex Envirocloth
From Kendra Pipke

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I don’t like the idea of being a person who jumps on bandwagons, but when it comes to “Going Green” and saving our environment I'm always onboard. Our environment is so incredibly important, we have to save it for our future generations, and that’s just what Norwex is trying to do. Norwex is a worldwide company that is striving to reduce the use of chemicals in cleaning materials to help save our environment.

Norwex is also striving to do something a little closer to my heart, reduce the use of chemicals to help improve the health of humans. When I was six I was diagnosed with a rare and very serious but curable disease called Aplastic Anemia. To this day we don’t know what caused it, but cleaning products have chemicals in them that very well could have been the cause. Bubble baths and insect repellant have some of the same harmful chemicals. Did you know that cleaning chemicals can also cause nausea, fatigue, headaches, earaches, aching joints, runny nose, heart palpitations, mental confusion, and even in extreme cases acute hepatitis? I didn’t either until I started to do some research on why Norwex is such an amazing company.

While doing my research, I found tons of different Norwex products that I would like to try.
Scrubbing pads
All natural conditioner
All natural carpet cleaner
All natural bubble bath

I was asked to review the Norwex Antibacterial Envirocloth.
The Norwex Antibacterial cloth is a microfiber cloth that removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces. Because it is antibacterial it prevents the transfer of germs to your hands and between surfaces. Its machine washable and comes in four pretty pastel colors. Mine is the blue Norwex Envirocloth and I love it!
Its super soft, and it cleaned better than any of the stuff I normally use! 

I just had Josh build us a new mantel shelf so I could put a Nativity up for Christmas. It was a little dusty when we put it up but I made myself wait a week to clean it so I had some good viewable dust.

Here is my shelf before cleaning... so gross! 
You can use the cloth dry, wet, and/or with cleaning products. To dust my shelf I lightly sprayed my Norwex cloth with my normal dusting spray and wiped the left hand side of the shelf clean. After cleaning the left hand side, I got out my trusty dust rag (an old washcloth) and lightly sprayed it with my dusting spray and cleaned the right hand side. 

Look at the difference!

I also decided to clean my bathroom sink with the Norwex envirocloth. I moistened the cloth slightly and sprayed my normal sink cleaner on the sink. I scrubbed the right hand side with the Norwex cloth and the left hand side with a paper towel.
If you look closely you can even see the ears of my sneaky kitty checking out how clean his favorite drinking spot is.
This cleaning cloth is amazing and I think everyone should have one!
Want it? Win it!
One lucky reader will receive their own Norwex Envirocloth . Please use the quick and easy entry form below.

Special thanks to Kendra Pipke from Norwex for working with us and for offering this awesome giveaway!

Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.


  1. this would be good for my as i like eco friendly and teach it to others gfc debijackson,, tw as jacksondeb
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  2. I LOVE eco-friendly goodies and love to try new things!


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