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Norwex Basic Package Review & Giveaway

When it comes to keeping things clean in and around my home, I am sort of anal about it. Call me a clean freak, if you like... that's just the way I am. I want to keep my home clean for several reasons... I like the way a clean house looks and feels- it makes me feel like I can breathe. I hate to think what germs could be lurking about and getting Balian sick if I don't stay on top of things. Also, I grew up in a house where we were charged with keeping things clean at all times, because we never knew who might unexpectedly drop by. Cleaning is even theraputic for me, or at least it was until I became a mommy.

When I clean these days, I have to be extremely careful about what I'm using to clean surfaces, etc. Harsh cleaners are extremely pungent, even burning my nose hairs, sometimes! Our main bathroom has no ventilation, so using cleaners in there is tricky... and trust me, the bathroom is the place to use those germ-killing machines! I wanted to turn to natural cleaning products, and have tried several, but for how often I clean, my wallet just doesn't allow for me to spend big bucks on cleaning supplies week after week.

Lucky for me, Caroline V. with a really cool company called Norwex brought an alternative cleaning product to my attention. She wanted to send me the Norwex Enviro Cloth and Polishing Cloth to try out in my home for a couple of weeks. I have read a lot about Norwex and its claim to fame- their anti-bacterial cleaning cloths, so I definitely wanted to give it a try.

Caroline was kind enough to send me the Basic Package, containing the Enviro-cloth and the Window cloth. I was super excited when my Norwex Basic Package arrived! I couldn't wait to test the cloths out around the house!

 Norwex Basic Package: $33.99

The blue Enviro-cloth is an antibacterial microfiber cloth that can be used wet or dry. I decided to use it dry first. I have dark wooden furniture in my living room, which attracts a crazy amount of dust. I have a microfiber cloth that I usually dust with, and even though it's supposed to pick the dust up, it usually just ends up pushing it into the air, and the dust falls right back into place. Super annoying! So, I started dusting with the Norwex Enviro-cloth, and the difference was absolutely amazing! Not one spec of dust fell back onto my furniture! I used it to dust off the media console, the television, the coffee table, the bookcase, end tables, speakers, and even my base boards! I got the entire room dusted using just one side of the cloth! 

 Okay- I first dusted with my old cloth, and then swiped from the back left corner toward the front with the Norwex Enviro-cloth. Look at the difference!

Next, I wanted to try it wet and see how it would work in the bathroom. I needed to get the dust gunk off of it, so I rinsed it in running water. I wish I could have had all of you standing along with me to see the dust just ball up and come right off of the cloth! Once the dust was gone and the cloth was wet, I gave it a little squeeze to get excess water out, and took the Enviro-cloth to my bathroom sink. I knew that because the cloth was antibacterial, I didn't need to use a household cleaner... I could just clean with water! I started simply wiping at toothpaste gunk, little pieces of hair from my husband's latest shave, etc... and to my amazement, everything was left clean, smooth and looked brand new! I cleaned by entire bathroom (except the toilet bowl) with the Norwex Enviro-cloth. It wiped away build up in my tub that I normally have to scrub at with harsh chemical cleaners! After I was done, I ran the cloth under water again, and squeezed the dirty water out. I wish I could show you the dirt and grime that rang out of the cloth! It was proof that the cloth really got the dirt up off of the counter, sink and other areas. Love it! I no longer have to leave my bathroom five minutes after I begin wiping down surface areas because of the fumes! I can throw away all of those toxic cleaners if I want to! The Enviro-cloth from Norwex has completely changed the way I clean my home!

Sparkling clean after using the Enviro-cloth and Window/Polish Cloth from Norwex!

In with the Basic Package that Caroline sent from Norwex, was the Window Cloth. Now, she did tell me beforehand not to get the window cloth wet... so I listened! The window or polish cloth is also an antibacterial cloth, so it sanitizes the surfaces it touches. I went back into my freshly cleaned bathroom and simply wiped the window/polish cloth over the handles of my sink. Tell you what- that cloth got the handles to shine like no cleaner ever could or will! I used the polish cloth on my bathroom mirrors, and all of the smudges just wiped away! I used the cloth to clean all of my windows and glass surfaces in the house, and they were all left spotless! I can't wait until spring time, so I can clean the outside windows! I even used it to polish other surfaces in my home. It's great for wiping away little fingerprints left on the tables and television!

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to get to know more about Norwex. I think it's so cool that this company wants to get affordable, reusable cleaning aids into our hands so that we can be environmentally responsible and stop using harsh chemicals to clean our homes! Think of how much safer your home will be once you toss those cleaners! If you don't want to get rid of the cleaning products, they can certainly be used with the Norwex cloths... but please think about switching to all natural cleaning products for the protection of your family.

 Norwex Basic Package right out of the package!

I know that the Norwex cloths would make an excellent gift! My family members have been asking me where they can get the Norwex cloths (because I have been bragging about how awesome they are!), and I've sent them to Caroline's website to have a look at the products and to see how Norwex could benefit them.

Aside from the cleaning cloths, Norwex has tons of other great products, too! They have kid's line, which is really cool! I can't wait until Balian is old enough to have the kids mop! He loves walking around the house with my broom! He's going to be an excellent little helper! They also have bath and body care products, kitchen products, floor care products and more, so you'll definitely want to check those out! I think the Norwex products would make an excellent gift for a bridal shower, for newlyweds, for a housewarming, retirement, etc! My favorite bridal shower gift was a bucket filled with cleaning supplies... those are things you need, that most people just don't think about! Get creative!

Norwex Kids Mop

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Caroline V's Norwex website to get familiar with a safe and healthy (for your family and for the earth) way to clean your home! If you have any questions, be sure to contact Caroline! She is so, so nice and she'd be happy to help you!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky Mommy's Block Party reader will win their very own Norwex Basic Package from Caroline V! Just be sure to do all of the mandatory entry fields below this post through the Rafflecopter giveaway entry form! We'll double-check- so no skipping mandatory fields!

Special thanks to Caroline V. with Norwex for allowing me the opportunity to give Norwex a try. I am definitely a fan! And we also thank Caroline for offering this awesome giveaway to our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was sent the above featured items directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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