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Happy Boxing Day!

We're in the car, on our way to Tulsa! I find it very cool that I am able to post this from my phone. We left Salisbury around 9 am and are nearing Knoxville now- about 1 pm. Balian just awoke from a pretty good nap and the rest of us have been busy playing with our new Nooks! My dad got a tablet and is super excited about that and being able to do stuff in the car. We are about to have a bite of lunch and then get back on the road.
Okay... stopped for lunch and now we are back on the road. Balian is watching a DVD and we're having a sing along. I hope he'll take an afternoon nap... I could use one, too.
We had an excellent Christmas. Balian got lots of really cool things and had fun playing with his cousin Connor. Now we're ready to see Aunt Britt and Uncle Cory, but we have much driving yet ahead of us... so we'll keep you posted on our trip.
Hope everyone has an excellent Boxing Day today!

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