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Well, we've been in Coweta, just a few miles outside of Tulsa, OK for almost two days. The journey by car was extremely long. I can't believe how well Balian did. He's used to being in the car, going on trips, as he's been to the beach (a 3-4 hour drive from Salisbury) and to Knoxville, TN (a 5 1/2 drive from Salisbury), but this was a 17-18 hour drive, and we'll have to turn around do it all again on Monday. He played with some of his new Christmas toys, watched DVDs and slept most of the way. When he was awake in the car, we talked and played with him and he seemed perfectly happy and content. I have the most amazing child!

When we got to Aunt Britt's house, Balian was fascinated by everything, especially her dog, Buddy. They're getting along, but Buddy is a little shorkie, so we think he's actually afraid of Balian. Balian loves to see Buddy run, and oves to pet him... he only gets scared when Buddy barks at him. We're trying to explain that that's just how puppies talk. Everyone is having a grand time. It feels good just to be back in the kitchen with my mom and my sister- feels like old times, when we all lived under the same roof. The guys are enjoying chilling out in the recliners, watching the ginormous LED TV, and Sacha is constantly glued to his new Nook. I also have a new Nook, but have had little time to play with it. I brought an actual book with me to read on Mary, queen of Scots, and I am quite enjoying it.

I don't know that we have a lot of big plans. We may do a little shopping here and there. My dad needs to chill out and rest his poor broken knee. He's been doing way too much walking around on it. I am hoping that we'll spend a dat at the Tulsa aquarium, as I think Balian would like it. As far as shopping goes, we can't do too much of it, because our SUV was filled to the brim on the way here... and Aunt Britt and Uncle Cory got Balian lots of new Christmas toys, so we'll have to make room for those to come home with us! I really just need to find some new pants. Every pair I own is falling off of me. I guess when you chase a toddler around all day, you're bound to shed extra pounds, whether you need to or not. Folks keep telling me to stop losing weight, but I'm honestly not trying to, and can't help it! After the way I've been eating this week, though, I wouldn't be surprised if my pants started to fit again!

All in all, it just feels good to be away. I won't be at church on Sunday, so I don't have to worry about what does or doesn't happen during worship. It's horrible to say or think, but I'm not there... and it feels nice. It's nice to have adults to talk to, too. I love spending my day deciphering toddler babble as much as the next mommy, but every now and then, adult conversation is a good thing. Sometimes I feel like once you've had a baby, your social skills go out the window! Don't worry- they do come back, though! So, I'm going to go and get back to my cup of coffee and check up on a few more things, and then maybe have a bite of breakfast and wake my boys up. I hope everyone has a really great day, whatever your plans may be! And yes- I promise to post some pictures later on. I'm on Britt's computer, and the pics are on my hardrive... you know how it goes!

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