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Thirty-one Mini Organizer - Part of The Holiday Gift Guide

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I am not the most organized person in the world and I really have a hard time keeping things organized once I get started. Most of the time, my purse looks like a tornado hit it, and I have to keep on my self to keep my house clean. I hate that I didn't get the clean gene, and yet I am always looking for ways to organize my mess and my life. That's where Thirty-One Gifts comes into play. If you haven't heard or know about Thirty-One Gifts, then you my friends are missing out. Thirty-One Gifts is a company that was started by a woman with a sewing machine in her basement. She wanted to offer women the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their homes and bring them quality products to help them with their daily lives, and give them a bit of flair! And, so many of us woman can relate to this company. Many of our small businesses started out this way, and continue to grow!

I am really excited that Emily Jacoby gave me the opportunity to review the mini organizer. It is such a cute organizer and I was thrilled when I opened it to see how spacious it really is. The organizer is called pink circle spirals, and is such a cute design. The tote is 7'h x 12'w x4'd, that is a huge, mini organizer! The inside has so much room I couldn't believe how much stuff I could fit in there. I couldn't decide what I wanted to organize first. And in my home, there are plenty of things to choose from!
Pink Circle Spiral
Mini Organizer

I finally decided to try the organizer out at the grocery store. Now, let me just say this, if you have ever been shopping with me, you will most likely say at some point, that you hate shopping with me. I take a really long time to make decisions, and I am so unorganized. I have stuff falling out of everywhere, and I tend to loose things. Especially if I am couponing. I am a coupon nut, so I thought the organizer from Thirty-One Gifts would help me cut down on my shopping time and help keep my coupons organized. Boy am I glad I decided to take it to the store.

I opened up the mini organizer and put in my coupon pouch, wallet, pens, lip gloss(always have to have some) and shopping bags. On the outside in the many pockets, I put in my cell phone, cough drops (was getting over a cold), and chap stick( I know, I had lip gloss), and still had plenty of room in the bag for more stuff. The organizer was so easy to use and really kept my coupons and "stuff" in order. I was in awe, and hooked, and at just $15, I don't have an excuse not to be organized.

Mini Organizer with my wallet and coupons
waiting to go on my shopping trip

Not really into taking the organizer on a shopping trip? There are so many use full things for this small but mighty bag. Emily gave me some wonderful ideas and I thought I would pass them on to you. Suggested uses are; Scrapbook/Craft Supplies, Baby Changing Table Supplies, Car Organizer, Make-up/Hair Kit, Sewing Kit, Grilling Kit, Housewarming Gift, Teacher Gift filled with goodies. And, with the holidays coming soon, it would make the perfect gift for that someone in your life that is hard to shop for. They will not be disappointed. Also since I sell Avon, I thought it would be perfect to take to a party, or to bring to work with my products and books in. It worked so well, and many people at work were impressed with how many items I could put in there and still have room for more.

Stuffed Full of Things, 
 Still Plenty of Room

Thirty-One Gifts is such a great company, and they have so many great products to choose from. Are you needing something bigger in your life, head on over to Thirty-One to see for your self their amazing products and do a little Christmas Shopping while your at it!
I want to thank Emily Jacoby for allowing me to review this amazing Mini Organizer.


Want To Buy It?
Head on over to Emily's Thirty-One site and start your shopping now!

The above review is the opinion of myself and no one else. I was not paid or compensated from any party for my review.

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