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Thirty-One Gifts: Organizing Utility Tote and Zipper Pouch Review & Giveaway

~Part of our Fall Feature~

My diaper bag has definitely seen better days. I purchased the Ralph Lauren bag several years ago at Marshall's, thinking it was an overnight bag... I guess they're called weekender bags, now. My sister later informed me that what I purchased was in fact, intended to be a diaper bag. When I became pregnant and remembered I had diaper bag, I was glad that I didn't have to hunt for or register for a new one. Now that it's been used and abused for over a year, it's become dingy and I have fallen out of love with it. It doesn't have nearly enough pockets, and I can't ever find what I'm looking for in that big suitcase! Well, it's not a suitcase, but it might as well be! What's a well-organized mom to do when her diaper bag lets her down?

It's Thirty-One Gifts to the rescue! Stefanie Doane, Independent Consultant with Thirty-One contacted me about being a part of our holiday feature and sending me a couple of Thirty-One products that would make great 'mommy must-haves.' I was so excited! I love products from Thirty-One. I have a tote and a tiny little organizing bag in Balian's room, but nothing really for myself. Stefanie informed me that she would be sending me two items: an Organizing Utility Tote and a Zipper Pouch. I love to be organized, and that's probably why I love Thirty-One's products so much! They have everything you could ever imagine to help you keep your home organized in style!

I anxiously awaited my goodies from Stefanie to arrive, and when they kid, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning! Individually packaged, the items teased me from my dining table!
Here's what we got...

 Here's our tote, all loaded up and ready to go! 
I keep it hanging in the kitchen...

 Front of our new Organizing Utility Tote...

 Side view of the Organizing Utility Tote...

 Back of the Organizing Utility Tote (note all of the awesome pockets!)...

I opened up the Organizing Utility Tote first. Stefanie chose the Harvest Floral pattern for me, which I absolutely love. On the front of the tote, Stefanie personalized it by adding Balian's name in capital letters. The brown embroidery perfectly matches the brown accents on the tote. I love this tote because it has seven... yes, seven exterior pockets! Perfect for organizing bottles, sippy cups, snacks, books and toys, etc. When we head out, I pack a milk bottle, juice or water bottle, a couple of small board books, a soft toy or two, extra clothes, a snack, etc. The pockets keep everything organized, and where I can see them and easily grab them. The inside of the tote is quite roomy, and unlike a lot of other totes, this one holds its shape! It's the perfect size for holding B's insulated thermal bag (if we have to take lunch with us), packing over night necessities for grandma's house, toting along changing supplies and more! The interior of the tote is extremely durable, and spills or messes are no match for it, because they virtually wipe clean! We accidentally spilled and crushed some red colored yogurt melts in our tote, and I was really scared that they would stain it- but nope, I took a warm, wet cloth to it and it wiped right off! Now that's something moms everywhere will be excited about!

I also love this tote because I can use it as a diaper bag right now, but it doesn't have to be a diaper bag forever! I can use this tote for many things as Balian grows, but the best thing about it is that it's in a stylish grown up print. I can carry this tote as a diaper bag and I in no way feel like I am toting around a diaper bag! I feel like a gal carrying a trendy tote, which is a nice feeling. We take our tote everywhere- to the store, to church, to friends and family's houses, etc. We've taken it on a couple of shopping adventures, and it carried like a dream! My shoulder didn't feel like it was breaking from carrying it, because it offers wonderful support for the person carrying it! I love, love, love the Organizing Utility Tote. I am sold on this product from Thirty-One for life! The tote measures 10.25”H x 15.5”W x 6.5”D, retails for $25.00 and like I said, can be used for just about anything your heart desires. Available in ten different patterns, and personalization possibilities are endless!

 Zipper Pouch (love it!)...

As if the tote wasn't enough, Stefanie also sent me a Zipper Pouch for review. I don't know exactly what I was expecting- something small and cute, but I am blown away by this zipper pouch. It's huge! It's made from the same adorable and durable fabric as the tote, just in a different pattern- Pin Dots. Stefanie added personal pizazz to it by having 'Diapers and Wipes' embroidered in a funky green color, which matches some of the green in the Harvest Floral pattern on the tote! This roomy Zipper Pouch is awesome! I am able to fit and store our portable changing pad, a wipes case and extra diapers, plus diaper rash preventatives all in one place... and then I just toss this into our Organizing Utility Tote when we're ready to head out, and we're all set! Another awesome use for this is to use it as an emergency wet bag. We cloth diaper as much as possible- to be green and to try to save some money. We usually use disposables if we're out, but on occasion we forget to change B into one before we head out the door. Because the interior can be wiped down, I can easily toss a wet diaper into this pouch for safekeeping until I can get it home to wash it. I was worried that it might retain a pee pee scent, but after simply rubbing it with a little detergent on a damp cloth, the scent disappeared and it the pouch was ready for its next adventure! The usage possibilities with this pouch are endless, too. Use it for cosmetics, a toiletries bag, a sock keeper, accessories holder and more!
Measures approx: 9”H x 11”W x 2.5”D, $12.00 and available in nine different patterns. Easy to personalize with anything you'd like! Just add on personalization! Looking for a smaller pouch? Thirty-One's got you covered... it's available in a mini size, too!

I can't thank Stefanie enough for sending these wonderful Thirty-One products to me. My life has been changed by them, truly! I feel a little more like my former organized self (before child), and have a stylish diaper bag and accessory bag that I am proud to carry and tote around! I think that both of these items would make excellent gifts this Christmas. For the price, they can't be beat! There's no use in spending a ton of money on a bag that may be used for a season, when you can make a small investment on a bag that'll be used over and over again for many different things! The Zipper Pouch would be an awesome gift or even a stocking stuffer! Wrap these special products up for your friends and family this Christmas!

Want it? Buy It!

You can purchase these wonderful Thirty-One products and many more by heading to Stefanie's personal Thirty-One Gifts website! Have a question? Just contact Stefanie! She'll be happy to help you place your order!

Want it? Win It!

One lucky Mommy Blog reader will win their very own Zipper Pouch, personalized with 'Diapers and Wipes'! Just use our handy dandy entry form to enter to win!

Special thanks to Stefanie D. for helping to make our holidays a little brighter and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.


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