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Scentsy Plug in Warmer Review - Part of The Holiday GIft Guide Review

Fall is in the air, the leaves are falling, and people all over are getting ready to start cooking their big meals, and with those big meals comes wonderful scents. Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cinnamon, Cloves, and any other scent you could possibly imagine are filling homes this holiday season. But, what if you could have those scents in your home without the stress and hassle of baking and cooking all day long? I know, it's hard to imagine being able to reproduce those beloved holiday scents without slaving in your kitchen for hours at a time, but I promise you, it can happen! Scentsy, can make it happen!

When we began this holiday gift guide, I was hoping that someone would want us to review a scentsy warmer. I had heard such good things about them and wanted to buy one, but had been holding out in the hopes that some one out there would allow us to review one of theirs. Well, much to my delight we were contacted by Kelsie Jacoby and she wanted us to review a plug in warmer, and I was so excited! Scentsy is a safe and wickless alternative to the candle and let me just say it is becoming a huge staple in my home! Since it is made from paraffin wax, and non essentials oils, it is safe for children and pets! Good to know in case Buddy decides to knock it over one day! And since the warmer is heated by a light bulb, there are no worries of it being spilled and setting something on fire. That is a huge concern for many families with pets and young children!

Groovy Black Plug In Warmer

The plug in warmer will fit anywhere in your home that you want to freshen up. It is small and portable, so transferring it from room to room is as simple as unplugging it, while the wax is dry, and plugging it in to the next available spot. Sound so simple, because it truly is. Kelsie sent me a plug in warmer in Groovy Black ,and I  decided to plug mine into the kitchen outlet and let the smells begin. I wanted to see if my husband said anything as he walked in the door from the stinky garage!

I don't know how Kelsie knew that my husband's favorite scents are anything with cinnamon or apple pie, but she sent me a Baked Apple Pie scent bar. It smells heavenly, just like a pie with flaky crust and warm apples oozing with spices, I was drooling just from opening the package, I hadn't even put it in the warmer yet. I plugged in the Groovy Black warmer, and broke off a square of the scent bar, and in just a few short minutes the aroma of freshly baked apple pie was filling my kitchen and dining room. Yum!

 Baked Apple Pie Scent Bar

Cory came home from work about 30 minutes later, and as soon as he walked in the door, he asked me if I had been baking. I giggled and said yes, baking a scentsy warmer! He looked confused, so I showed him the glowing black warmer on the wall and then it all made sense to him! He was a little disappointed that there was no pie, but he quickly got over it and was pleased with how well the scent filled our home! You don't have to use the warmer in your kitchen, since it has small holes around the middle of the warmer, it would make a great night light plugged into the hall bathroom, or for your child's bedroom. If it goes in your bathroom, we all know it they could always use freshening up, am I right? And stinky boys, they could use it too! A Coworker of mine said she put one in her teenage son's room and he couldn't figure out why it didn't stink in there, and Mom was happy that it finally smelled clean! Now, he can't live without it, and even carries the bar with him in his gym bag! Oh Boys!

I think scentsy is something that is innovative and that everyone should have in heir home. It is the perfect compliment to any home, and with over 26 plug in warmers and regular sized warmers you are sure to find the right one to fit your home. But lets not forget the scents too, they are what makes the warmers oh so special. If you don't like food scents in your home, there are plenty of other scents to choose from and with the holidays just around the corner, how about a seasonal scent. Cozy Fireside, or Festival of Trees, Eskimo Kiss, or Silver Bells. Whatever you decide, it's sure to please all who enter your home this season, and well after the holidays are over. And at $20 for a plug in warmer, they are the perfect price to buy for someone you love for the holidays. What ever holiday you celebrate Scentsy will make a great gift!

I want to thank Kelsie Jacoby for allowing me to review the Groovy Black Plug in Scentsy Warmer. I much enjoyed it, and you our readers will enjoy it too.

* Brittany *

Want To Buy It?
 If you are interested in buying a warmer for your self
or someone else this holiday season, head on on over to Kelsie's Scentsy site!

The above mentioned review is my own opinion. I was not paid or compensated by any parties for my review.

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