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Sara Mayo's Studio Review & Giveaway

~Beckett's 5th Birthday Bash Sponsor~

Hunting for party favors can be a daunting task. I like to incorporate the birthday party theme and not just pick up an assortment bag of the usual favors found in stores. With Beckett's Lego Brick theme, I hoped to be able to continue with my ways and find something all the kids could use and enjoy.

While browsing Etsy, yet again, I came across this shop-Sara Mayo's Studio.

Sara Mayo's Studio has been part of Etsy since mid 2010 and is a fairly small shop. Sara, the owner of the Etsy shop, was more than excited and willing to share her products with us for Beckett's 5th Birthday Bash. She was very prompt in her communication and we received our product in less than a week. This was wonderful and I got right to work on my party favor bags for the party.

Sara Mayo's Studio sent us these individually wrapped Lego Men Crayon sets
There were 2 different colors in each bag and secured with a curly ribbon. I loved the extra touch of the ribbon, it was something I would have done had Sara not done them for me. I really appreciated the extra love that went in to them from Sara Mayo's Studio.

I did take one set of Lego Men out of the package for better pictures
All of Sara Mayo's Studio crayons are hand-poured using non-toxic, high quality melted Crayola crayons. Each of the Lego Men are around 1.5" H x 1/4" thick, making them the perfect size for all the kiddos at our Lego Brick party.

Sara also stuck in a little surprise for Beckett (Skull crayons) which he was really pumped about. Sara really went above and beyond to be a part of our celebration, and helped me complete my party favor bags.

My party favor bags
Inside each bag, I included-one set of Lego Men crayons, 2 Lego style coloring sheets, a Lego Mini-Figure, and a Lego Magnet (the last 2 were purchased from our local Lego store).

Beckett has used his Skull crayons and they are great for him. They are just the right size for his hands and provide great color, he has so much fun using them because he likes how different they are from his normal crayons. We are HAPPY!

Here are more great crayon products from Sara Mayo's Studio
Christmas Tree Crayons-Set of 6

Mickey Mouse Shaped Crayons-Set of 6

Want It? Buy It!
On the hunt for some stocking stuffers, looking for party favors? Sara Mayo's Studio has some great options for you. You can any of her premade crayons or contact Sara at sara.mayo09@gmail.com to see if she can create what you are looking for.

Want It? Win It!
Want your very own set of Lego Men crayons? Sara is giving away a set from her shop for one lucky Mommy's Block Party readers. Use the easy entry form below to register. Make sure you comment on what your favorite item in Sara Mayo's Studio is.

Much thanks to Sara from Sara Mayo's Studio for providing us with great party favors and a fun giveaway for our readers!
Thanks again and Good Luck to our Readers!
Disclosure: I was sent the above featured product directly from the owner of this shop. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this item may differ.


  1. I like the Miniature Lego Men Crayon Set for my son!


  2. M son would love these solder cute

  3. I like the Pink and Purple Star Crayons.


  4. Love the Mickey ears & blue stars


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