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Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives Review & Giveaway

~Beckett's 5th Birthday Bash Sponsor~

***This product review and giveaway has been extended***

Some of our readers may remember a company called Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives, as we did a review for them back in early November. This company is owned by Kelli and has some truly beautiful items. Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives has once again partnered with us and we couldn't have been happier to work with Kelli again.

Click here to read our prior review.

Kelli contacted us about a product she wanted to share for Beckett's 5th Birthday Bash. Not only does she create one of a kind decorations for the home, she also is crafty in party decor. Kelli is so easy to work with, helpful, and she knows what she is doing. After letting me know what product she wanted to send us, she let me customize it how B wanted. She also let me know when she was working on it and when it would ship.

My husband was lucky enough to meet the mail woman just as our package was arriving, which was a good thing. Our box was huge and inside was our product from Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives, safely tucked away surrounded by packing materials.

Here was what was inside the huge box
Each of Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives Lego Head Pinatas are made of paper mache, supported by styrofoam rings, and painted yellow with a face of your choosing. We picked the winking face, but you can also choose mad, happy, sad, or anything else you can think of. He was so cool and looked just as we had requested from Kelli.
I filled our Lego Head Pinata with bite size chocolates. It was really easy to fill, I just poured the candies in the top of the head. The bottom of the Lego Head Pinata was covered with a plate and ribbons.
After present opening, we got out the Lego Head Pinata for some more birthday fun. Each kiddo at the party took turns pulling out a ribbon until the bottom of the Lego Head Pinata broke open and candy spilled to the floor. We did have some trouble with the ribbons, one of the very first pulls seemed to take out pretty much all of the ribbons at once, but we quickly reattached and kept on going. Mad chaos for chocolate ensued and bags were filled!

Overall, this made a great addition to our Lego Brick themed party. The kids had a great time with it. It is very sturdy and held enough candy for 6 kids to fill their treat bags and still had tons of room for more inside. Another great thing about our Lego Head Pinata from Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives is that he is totally reusable--he was not beaten to a pulp. All we will have to do is fix up his bottom plate and ribbon and we are good to go all over. Thanks Kelli!!

Want It? Buy It!
Who wouldn't want a Lego Head Pinata of their very own? Head over to Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives, browse the Etsy shop, contact Kelli directly at pleasantvalleyprims@gmail.com, or head over to Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives Facebook page.

Want It? Win It!
Having a Lego brick themed party? Wouldn't you love a Lego Head Pinata to go with it? Kelli from Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives is offering a Lego Head Pinata to one of our lucky readers. Use the easy entry form below to sign up!

Lots of thanks to Kelli of Pleasant Valley Homespun Primitives for her Lego Head Pinata for B's party and also for our giveaway, we appreciate it!!

Thanks and good luck!

Disclosure: I was sent the above featured product directly from the owner of this shop. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this item may differ.

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