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Passion Parties with Lindsay Review and Giveaway

Part of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

When I hear Passion Parties, I immediately think of some kind of wild bachelorette party. I think of a bunch of women getting together to have lots of fun and learn about fun products for romantic evenings. I also sort of blush, and think that I would be totally embarrassed to ever attend a Passion Party. Not that there's anything wrong with being a wild woman... I'm just not that kind of girl. I'm not wild or naughty and I like my romantic evenings without a lot of frills, if you catch my drift.

When friend to The Mommy Blog, Lindsay Peterson asked to be a part of our Holiday Gift Guide with Passion Parties, I was excited to include her, but also a little nervous about what she might like me to review! I am so glad that I took a look around Lindsay's Passion Parties website, though. I found that although there are plenty of fun adult products to be found, there are also lovely bath and body products for the more reserved ladies, such as myself.

Lindsay kindly offered to send me some products from the Passion Parties Romanta Therapy line.
This exclusive aphrodisiac enriched line was specially designed to heighten our senses, soothe our tensions, and prepare our mind and body to receive loving attention from a caring partner. Since I love bath and body products, I was excited to try some new things. I have pretty much given up shelling out extra bucks for the lotions and bath products I really enjoy since having Balian. When little babes need new shoes, mommy's favorite personal products are the first thing to go out the window!

Lindsay sent me some brand new yummy smelling Coconut Lemongrass scented products. These Romanta Therapy products are Exclusive to Passion Parties and are all paraben-free. I received the Toning Body Butter, Sugar Scrub and Shower Cream. I was able to steal away for ten minutes or so to take a nice, relaxing shower (which hardly ever happens), and I took my new bath products from Passion Parties with me!

Passion Parties Shower Creme- $19.00

I started with the Shower Creme, which was rich and smooth and creamy! It's designed to calm and uplift, and it certainly did that for me. Also, it smelled so amazing! I gave up shaving with expensive gels a few years ago, so I just usually use a nice, thick and creamy shower gel or body wash. The true test with the Shower Creme from Passion Parties would be whether or not it worked well for shaving my legs... and guess what? It was great! It lathered really well, and was thick and creamy, as I expected it would be! My legs were left feeling silky and smooth, which is sort of a miracle! I'll definitely be turning to my new favorite Shower Creme from Passion Parties again!

 Passion Parties Sugar Scrub- $29.00

Lindsay also sent me a true luxury... the Sugar Scrub! I used to use sugar scrubs all the time, and loved how they made me feel. I've never used a sugar scrub like this one, though. The Passion Parties sugar scrub contains vitamin C to help tighten tired skin. We could all use a little extra vitamin C! This sugar scrub literally just melted right into my skin as soon as I applied it. There was no 'scrubbing' necessary! My skin was left coated in a beautiful layer of lusciousness! I smelled like a yummy beach babe for the rest of the day, too! It felt nice to escape to a place of peace... even if it was just for a few minutes in a daydream while in the shower!

Passion Parties Toning Body Butter- $29.00

And last, but not least, I used the Toning Body Butter before heading to bed at the end of a super long day. As soon as I applied the Toning Body Butter, I was in love with it. It's designed to help tighten and tone your skin after several applications, so I decided to try it on some of my problem areas- inner thighs, hips and upper arms. This is a rich body butter, and it glides on so smoothly that it literally feels like second skin... not a layer just sitting on top of your skin. I felt the toning properties go to work immediately... the body butter tinged just a tiny little bit to let me know it was doing its job. After having used it for about one week, I started to notice that my thighs and other problem areas did start looking and feeling firmer, and the skin was much more taught. This is going to be my new go to product! Before every vacation, I am going to make sure I have the Toning Body Butter from Passion Parties on hand!

There are so many wonderful products offered through Passion Parties. Just be advised that you do need to be 18 or older to enter the Passion Parties website (Passion Boutique). It does contain adult content, so if you go to Lindsay's website (and I hope you will) to browse and shop around, don't be caught off guard or offended- you've been warned! There are all kinds of Passion Parties products that would make great Christmas gifts. Obviously, the bath and body products are a no-brainer! If you're looking for a sexy gift for your significant other, Passion Parties with Lindsay is the only place you need to look! There are many options from toys to fun and fantasy, sensual touch, aromatherapy, hosiery and more! Don't be shy... give Passion Parties a try!

Want It? Buy It!

You can purchase all of these bath and body products from the Passion Parties Romanta Therapy Collection available through Lindsay's personal Passion Parties website. Take a look around and snag great gifts for everyone on your list! If you're planning a fun Secret Santa Party with your girlfriends, a gift from Passion Parties would make your party tons of fun! See something you'd like to have for yourself or try with your partner? Make a wish list, and contact Lindsay... she'll make sure your list gets into the right hands and help your Christmas wishes come true!

Want It? Win It?

Onde lucky Mommy Blog reader will win a $20.00 Passion Parties Gift Certificate! Just use our hand entry form below for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Lindsay P. with Passion Parties for adding a little sugar and spice to the holiday season for me Naughty or nice, Passion Parties fits every personality!

Disclosure: I was sent the above featured products directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.


  1. You have me interested with the Toning Body Butter...I always thought those were a hoax, but I'd give this one a try since I know an actual person has tried and liked it!


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