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Kooky Critters-Sherman the Tooth Fairy Pillow Review

~Part of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide~
As much as I hate to admit it, my little guy is growing up. Beckett will be 5 in mere weeks and I don't know where the time has gone. I feel like I have blinked and he has gone from newborn baby to a smart, thoughtful, helpful, and handsome kid.

Turning 5 will have some huge milestones accompany it. The start of Kindergarten, new friends, new routines, and changing from a "baby" into a school aged child. One such milestone of growing up, will be the arrival of the Tooth Fairy, if we are lucky. Some of Beckett's friends have already been visited by her and we have heard all about her gifts in exchange for those tiny teeth.

At our last appointment, our wonderful dentist told me that Beckett's bottom teeth were just starting to become loose and that sometime in the near future we would be experiencing it sooner rather than later. Panic did set in a bit, what will we do when it is Tooth Fairy time?

As part of our Holiday Gift Guide, I was put in touch with a company called Kooky Critters. Kooky Critters is a small home based business owned by a mommy with three kiddos of her own. Holly was very easy to work with and super friendly. She let me know when my product was shipped so I could be on the look out for him as well.
Our package has just arrived
Beckett could not wait to rip into this red paper and get to the goods!
Here is Sherman the Tooth Fairy Pillow
According to Sherman's bio tag:
Sherman has his degree in Criminal Justice. He was head of security at the Emerald Square Mall for 6 years before he took his current position as Tooth Fairy Pillow. He takes his new role very seriously; you can be sure that your tooth as well as the treasure the tooth fairy leaves behind is safe with Sherman!!

Sherman was an immediate hit with little man. As I said before, we aren't quite to the Tooth Fairy stage yet, so for the time being Sherman has become a "special". This is what Beckett calls his toys he sleeps with. To make this cut is actually a huge accomplishment, so Holly you are doing something right. He is very soft (made of polar fleece and stuffed with polyfill) and has cute button eyes (he can be made without buttons for younger children). He has a small front pocket, perfect for small treasures for now, and someday soon--Teeth! He is approximately 6 x 5 inches and can be made in a variety of colors and can also be personalized for a small additional fee.

Some other adorable items from Kooky Critters:
This will be perfect for Scarlett when she gets a bit older.

I know an almost 5 year old who likes Ninjas too!

Great for carrying travel sized Kleenex, especially during cold/allergy season

Want It? Buy It!
You can check out all that Kooky Critters has to offer here. You can find everything from t-shirts to tooth fairy critters to custom orders just for you. Here is a link to a gallery of the critters. Check out the Kooky Critter Etsy shop to place your orders. Make sure to follow Kooky Critters on Facebook as well, tons of photos of all the critters. Please contact them at kookycritters1@gmail.com for any questions or custom orders. Please have orders in by December 12th for arrival in time for Christmas. Sherman, or any of the other cute critters would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your kiddo!

Many, many thanks to Holly from Kooky Critters for sending Beckett, Sherman. Sherman will be loved and used for years to come and I look forward to seeing what the Tooth Fairy will bring us!
Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the owner of the featured shop. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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