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Jordan Essentials Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar Review & Giveaway

~Part of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide~

I am a girlie girl. I like girlie things like make up, nail polish, bath and body products, etc. I am also a new mom. Before child, I had all the time in the world to properly maintain my body. I exercised at least five days a week, ate well, drank enough water, took care of my skin and so on. I was really into a nightly routine of washing, exfoliating, moisturizing and prepping for bed. Now, I barely have five minutes to wash my face, shave my legs, and lotion use- forget it... just doesn't happen. Who has time to deal with messy lotions when they have a thirteen month old strapped to their hip 24/7? Not me! My skin is suffering, though. I take super hot showers (love them), and my skin ends up all dry and cracked- mainly on my shins, of all places. As the weather turns colder, this problem only escalates! What's a no hands free gal to do?

Luckily, Darleen Benoit of Jordan Essentials has come to my rescue! Darleen and I worked together last spring when I was just starting the review products on The Mommy Blog, and it was a solo project. I had a great experience working with Darleen, so I knew she would send me something fabulous for our Holiday Gift Guide! Of course, I was right! Darleen must have been reading my mind or something, because she chose to send me Jordan Essentials' Limited Edition Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar.

Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar

What the heck is a lotion bar, you may be wondering? It's only the most awesome lotion I have ever seen or used! Seriously- it's a solid lotion in a bar... well, a round bar, that is. This solid lotion is a beautiful blend of beeswax and essential oils. They come together to make the most unique lotion in the world! Here's how it works- you simply hold the lotion bar in your hands, and your body heat does the work! There is no mess! It's not goopy, and it's not greasy! I can have Balian in one arm, and warm the lotion bar in my hand, while doing something else! I love it! This is a huge mommy helper! I haven't even gotten to how good the Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar smells! As soon as I removed the lid from the tin, the peppermint fragrance tickled my nose. I love the scent of peppermint- it's so clean, cool and fresh... it's the perfect holiday scent!

Coconut Papaya Lotion Bar

All of the Jordan Essentials Lotion Bars come prettily packaged in a 1.5 oz decorative travel tin. It's the perfect size to toss into your purse, weekend bag, gym bag, briefcase, etc. The Lotion Bars are available in fifteen scents, not including the limited edition holiday scents.

How do some of these sound for every day use:
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Sea Spa
Orchard Fresh
Grapefruit & Lime
Vanilla Cream

I would love to have some of these scents in my collection! And because I'm not big into perfume, I rely on a lovely scented lotion to offer something other than the scent of 'sticky kid,' though, I do wear 'sticky kid' pretty well. Seriously- I love this lotion bar and want the whole world to know it! Because it comes in a tin, I can take and toss it anywhere without having to worry about it spilling out into my bag. I don't know how many times I have had to clean up 'lotion explosions' in my handbags or travel bags... not fun! With the JE Lotion Bar, it's easy breezy, and that's what we mommies love most of all!

At $7.50, the Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar from Jordan Essentials makes an awesome gift idea! If you've got younger girls (obviously not little girls, but pre-teens and teens, college age, etc...) to buy for this Christmas, consider these lotion bars! There are so many scents available, you can get a different one for everyone on your list! These would make wonderful stocking stuffers, great gifts for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, the mail lady and more! Heading to a holiday party or two? Stock up on some Lotion Bars to take as hostess gifts (yes- there are still people in this world who like to take a little thank you token to a host or hostess, and I am one of those people!)! Think outside the box... grab some of these wonderful, moisturizing, mess-free Lotion Bars from Jordan Essentials for all of your gift-giving needs!

Want It? Buy It!

Jordan Essentials has tons of bath, body and spa products waiting just for you! Darleen is excellent at what she does, so let her be your guide this Christmas as you begin your holiday shopping! To purchase the Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar (remember- this is a limited edition scent for the holidays), head to Darleen's Jordan Essentials website! While you're there, be sure to take a look at all of the other great products Jordan Essentials has to offer!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky Mommy Blog reader will win their very own Winter Peppermint Lotion Bar from Jordan Essentials. Just use our super easy entry form below this post to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Darleen B. with Jordan Essentials for adding some sweetness to our Holiday Season, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, everyone!


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.


  1. winter peppermint scent and my tw is jacksondeb, I didn't get it in the box
    debbie jackson

  2. would love to try this out! my skin gets SO dry in the winter!


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