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Jamberry Nails with Danielle Powanda

Ugh, naked nails! I hate naked nails, but I am the worst at painting my fingers and toes. I end up half painting my nail and half painting my skin, and when you are painting them red, you look like you've just commited a hanious crime! I even asked Cory one day, out of sheer frustration to paint my nails for me. Needless to say that was a terrible idea and he vowed never to paint them again, not even if I'm on my death bed! Isn't he nice! I always want to have fun pretty nails especially since people see them everyday, and the ladies I work with always have well manicured nails, it makes me want to run and find a pair of gloves to cover mine up with. I don't have a lot of time or money to run and get a mani/pedi, but I try my best.Well, you can imagine my excitment when I was given the opportunity to try Jamberry Nails, Nail Shields. I had heard of them before, but wasn't sure where to get them and what the cost of the shields would be. I talked to Danielle with Jamberry Nails, and she sent me the cutest set of nail shields and I was totally thrilled with the choice she sent me, multi colored chevron.
Multi Colored Chevron
When I opened the package Danielle sent me, I noticed that she placed in with the shields and a catalog, directions of how best to apply the shields. While there are several steps in the process, they are all very easy to do, and most of the steps, you would already do when you are giving yourself a manicure. You must frst cut your nails to the desired length, then file them down. Clean your nails with polish remover or alcohol. Push back your cuticles, I never understood this until now! The cuticle acts as a curb for the shield and helps keep it in place. Ya learn something new everyday! Size the shields up to make sure you get the best fit for your nail, and then heat the shield up with the blow dryer for 15 seconds. Place on your nail and apply pressure, use the cutilce pusher to
ensure a secure fit, and  cut to fit the nail. File off any extra nail shield that may be left, and voila, you have a beautiful nail that people will be jealous of! It really was so easy to do, took me about 10 minutes from start to finish and I was really happy with the final results. You can do up to 3 sets of nails with the shileds and they claim to last up to 2 weeks!  I wanted to see if that was true or not!
First Day with the Nail Shields
So Cool!

I have been wearing the shileds for about a week and a half now, and let me say they have stayed in place very well. I have a tough on my hands job, working as a ticket and gate agen for American Airlines, I have to lift and move up 70lb bags everyday. It can be very taxing on my hands and feet. I got my finger caught in some one's 67.5lb tool box and it didn't even damamge the shield. I've showerewd with them, washed dishes, and played with the dog. Put up christmas decorations and wrapped gifts, nothing has messed them up. They look just as good today as they did the day I first put them on. How many of us can say that from just doing thier own nails at home! Jamberry Nail Shileds are amazing!
Many of the ladies I work with were jealous of my nails, and were asking me where I got them done? When I told them that I did them my self, and at home, they couldn't believe thier eyes. The multi colored chevron pattern that Danielle sent me is so cute and perfect for fall. I decided to mix it up, so all of my nails didn't have the same colors, some are more prominent with the grren, and others are more prominent with the gold and brown. I have one of those off beat personalities, I don't like to have the same as everyone else! I think they look fun and it's kind of unexpected.
Almost 2 weeks Later, and Still Going Strong!

Jamberry Nails would be the perfect gift for a little girls birthday party, or for a girls night in with the besties! Are you getting married? Why not check out Jamberry's wedding line and do something with your bridesmaids. Believe me, they will thank you for not making them spend $100 on their nails at the salon. Just set up some tubs, get some sugar scrubs and do your own! I would have love to have done that for my wedding! Or, there are tons of Holiday parties coming up, why not buy some for all the ladies in your office, or buy for yourself, and be the talk of the party! Jamberry Nails offers many different seasonal options for you to choose from. Like I said before, 1 sheet can do up to 3 sets of nails and they are priced at $15.00 a sheet. That is such a steal and right now Danielle has a deal going that if you buy 3 you get 1 free! Come on, you can stock up and put all of these in everyone's stockings!  The options are endless with Jamberry Nails, and you really can't go wrong with them!

Thank you so much to Danielle Powanda for allowing me to review Jamberry Nail Shields, and for allowing one lucky reader to win a set of shileds of their own!

Disclouser: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from the sponsor.
I was not monetarily compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are solely mine, your experience may differ.

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  1. Dang... too bad we can't enter our own giveaways! This sounds totally cool! I'm gonna go check out the website! :) -Ondria

  2. I'd love to win these. They sound so cool! I'd share with my daughter. She's the youngest of four kids and is the only girl.

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  4. thanks for the opprotunity



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