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Busy Farm: Meg's Discovery Toys Review

~Part of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide~

With Beckett in his last year of preschool and Scarlett just starting her learning adventures, we are always on the hunt for educational activities and games. We try to do workbook pages or board games everyday if possible to reinforce what is being learned at school and in daily life.
As the mom, it is my job to find these educational games and learning tools. I had heard and seen Discovery Toys, but have never purchased or been given any of their products until now.
Meg Power is an Independent Senior Educational Consultant with Discovery Toys. Discovery Toys has been around since 1978 and was created by an early childhood educator. They have products for infants through early school years and their mission as a company is Teach, Play, Inspire. Meg, who is a mom of 5 herself, became an Educational Consultant because she loves the quality, versatility, and educational value of Discovery Toys products.
Meg sent our family a product called Busy Farm.
We sat down after dinner the night it came in the mail to check it out. Busy Farm is an educational activity that comes with 36 colorful animals, 12 double sided cards that involve colors, sorting, shapes, matching, counting, and alphabet awareness, and a teach and learn guide. It is recommended for children ages 3-early elementary.
The cards are very nice quality, more of a thicker cardstock and an almost glossy look and feel to them. There are six different animals and colors, these are also great quality. The teach and learn guide contains bonus activities for using the animals. The entire set is contained in a sturdy, colorful box that seems to be able to withstand lots of use by small hands.
Busy Farm is Item #2141 and retails for $25.00.
Beckett was really excited to try out all the cards. Here he is sampling one of them...

Beckett went through most of the cards in a matter of minutes. We felt the cards were a bit easy for him and he seemed to not want to repeat them once he had done them. After the cards we moved on to some of the extra activities listed in the teach and learn guide.
Here he is doing one of those activities...
These extra activities seemed to be more Beckett's style and we could change them up to be more or less difficult for him. He really enjoyed just playing with the animals and creating scenes with them all on their own.

Scarlett also tried out the cards, here she is doing one of them...

We felt the cards were much more appropriate for her and she seemed to really enjoy doing them and working on each card. She also enjoyed talking about the animals and manipulating them. She is really in to sorting, animals, and colors right now, so Busy Farm has gotten lots of use already.
Overall, I think Scarlett will continue to use and learn from the Busy Farm and all is has to offer. I think 2-4 is the perfect age for this Discovery Toys activity. There are so many neat items in their catalog, here are some that caught my eye.
I have long been a fan of this game:

This looks fun:

Special thanks to Meg Power of Meg's Discovery Toys for sending our family Busy Farm!

Want It? Buy It!
You can browse the catalog online for all your holiday planning here at Meg's Discovery Toys. Make sure to order by December 12th for arrival in time for Christmas.

Please contact Meg with by email or phone (both are listed on her homepage) or on her Facebook page before you place your order, she is offering this:
"Just in time for the holidays! Enjoy 10% off ANY order at Meg's Discovery Toys. All products come with a lifetime guarantee. Browse the catalog at www.discoverytoyslink.com/megpower, and contact Meg so she can apply the discount!"
Thanks Meg!

Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the owner of the featured shop. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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