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Babes in Toy Land

With Christmas right around the corner, as a parent, Christmas takes a whole new turn. While making out your Christmas shopping lists, your children are placed at the very top. Parents with older children are usually handed a list of toys, books and games, but new parents or parents with infants are on their own for choosing gifts for their little babes and suggesting age appropriate gifts to others.

Not knowing one toy from the next, I am so glad I came across a new (to me) site that features great toys for infants! Constructive Playthings has so many great gift options for Balian! Their website is completely taking the guesswork out of searching for the perfect toys. I've been on some of the large toy store sites, and have just felt completely overwhelmed! Constructive Playthings has toys for all ages, and I can shop by age, category, price range, and more! Best of all, these are toys that are going to help Balian learn and develop, and keep him on the move!

Check out some of these toys that are at the top of my list for Balian...

 Super Soft Building Blocks...

 Soft Bowling Set...

Ball Go Round...

There are a lot of other toys I know Balian would enjoy, too! There are soft play sets, shape sorters, soft books, puzzles, play mats and more! I am going to send the Constructive Playthings site to everyone in my family, because I know that they'll be shopping for toys for infants, too! With so many great toy options, I'll be at home in my comfy pajamas on Black Friday, shopping for these great toys at their already low prices, while everyone else is fighting their way into the toy store!

Happy Christmas shopping for your sweet little ones!


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