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Two Months 'til Christmas...

It's officially two months until Christmas! I can't believe how quickly the summer came and went. Now here we are, enjoying the changing leaves, watching them fall and breathing in the sheer crispness of the air. The holidays will arrive whether or not we are ready for them, and I would rather be a little bit ready than completely unprepared. My hubby and I started a little bit of Christmas shopping over the weekend. Normally, I love shopping, but we live in a small city and have to travel at least twenty miles to shop anywhere good... and it's even further to the really good stores. Our weekend shopping affair ended up being an all day thing, and it was much more of a big to do than I expected. Shopping with a baby isn't easy- managing a stroller in a mall with tight spaces, and a little one who likes to grab at clothes and pull them all off the hangers is exhausting. And let's face it- fitting in diaper changes in a restroom stall isn't fun for anyone. With so many options to shop online, I think I'll just opt to do the rest of my holiday shopping from the comfort of my own home.

I started looking around for great deals and bargains the other day and got to thinking about what people buy for Christmas gifts. Some couples decide to buy new furniture, and that's their Christmas present to each other. That's something I would love to do, if my husband would ever agree to it! I've been reading a lot about click-clack futons or sofas, which easily convert from a sofa to a lounge position, or to a bed. If we ever move to a bigger house and I get my guest room back, I'm thinking this might be a good way to go! It would free up space when not being used by guests, but would provide them with a comfy bed when needed.

I like this one...

Maybe I'd like to go in a different direction, though. My husband and I love home improvement projects, and we are often looking at and talking about a new sink for the bathroom. We sort of have a shabby beach theme going on in our light blue bathroom, and a new sink would certainly give it a whole new look! We mostly look at vessel sinks when we're out 'dreaming and browsing' as we like to call it. I'm already thinking about what our bathroom could look like if we had a new sink like this one...

This vessel sink would look awesome in my bathroom...

Branching out beyond what I'd like to have for myself for Christmas, though, I need to come up with some great gifts for some family members that are really hard to shop for. I kept drawing blanks, until I had a light bulb go on above my head. Everyone sleeps, so why not give a nice set of percale sheets as a Christmas gift? I love getting new sheets, especially the expensive ones, but I like to have a variety of sheet sets in my home. Sometimes I just feel like changing them, because I am bored and want something different. I also like different sheets in the summer months than I do in the winter months, as many people do. Sheets would make a great gift for adults or even kids!

Aren't these sheets gorgeous?

These are just some ideas that have been floating around in my head. I am tired of wasting money on stupid little gifts like ice scrapers and gloves that end up in someone's closet or drawer, never to see the light of day again! I'll have some more gift ideas through out the weeks leading up to the holidays, but I think these picks are stellar and definitely worth a look!

Happy holiday shopping!


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