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It's My- Wait, Who's Party is It?

Well, here we are... it's birthday party week! Balian turns one next Tuesday and his big 1st Birthday Bash is this Saturday. I have a crazy amount of stuff to get done before Saturday. Items to be featured at the birthday party are still coming in, and we've already received some super cute stuff! I can't wait for you all to see the party decor, and have your own chance to win some adorable party stuff! There are presents to be wrapped, a cake to be made, finishing touches to add to decorations, and I should probably get the food list finalized, too!

This party is definitely for me as much as it is for Balian. I love throwing parties, and I intend to make this a party (for the adults) to remember. I want to have all sorts of wonderful pictures and special memories made for Balian that we can show him as he gets older. We have family coming in from out of town for the party, and we can't wait to see everyone! This party is also a celebration of me & Sacha surviving our first year of parenthood! Yay! We're just going to enjoy the company of our loved ones, watch Balian smash up his own little cake, open some presents and play with the birthday boy!

As if the week wasn't busy enough with birthday party plans, Balian and I both fell ill last night (Sunday). I started out with the sniffles on Saturday, and woke up Sunday with a sore throat. Balian also started sniffling yesterday afternoon, and then woke me up at 11:00 last night. I started to walk him around the house to get him settled down, and he decided to throw up all over me... which is always lovely. Poor Sacha tried to help, but the smell was grossing him out. Can't blame him- it was pretty gross. We eventually got ourselves cleaned up and back to bed, but Balian woke up every 30 minutes or so all night long. Not sure if his big weekend did him in or what. He spent his first night at grammy and grampy's house on Saturday night so Sacha and I could go to my friend's wedding, and then meet up with some old classmates who were in town for my 10 year high school reunion! Sheesh- ten years already! We were at church all morning yesterday, as usual, went to lunch and then went to the park to check out the Autumn Jubilee. There were lots of neat crafts. I took Balian on the kiddie train, and then my mom took him on the carousel. He enjoyed that quite a lot, and I think we did, too!

 Off to my college buddy Jason's wedding...

 Riding the train at Dan Nicholas Park...

 Riding the carousel with Grammy Leslie...

And back to this crazy week- I'll be at church every night Mon-Wed, and Sacha has rehearsals and shows for Dream Girls all week and weekend! He's playing in the orchestra for the show's 2 week run here in town. I actually get to go to the theatre to see the show and hear him play next week- can't wait! So, needless to say, B and I will be all alone day and night all week- and that's always a challenge. We'll see how it goes. Now it's onto getting everyone up- they're sleeping in due to our rough evening. 

Lot's of reviews and giveaways are coming this week, so get excited about that! I'll check in with you all later! Hope everyone has a terrific Monday!


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