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If you opened up my kitchen cabinets, and probably any other household with children, you would find a bunch of sippy cups and child sized drink containers. These cups, while cute and so easy to use, are owned by everyone and their mother (literally). With only so many brands, colors, and styles to choose from, you can always find someone else with the exact same thing.

So with my kids now involved with sports and school and playdates, how am I supposed to remember which drink cups are ours and keep our germs to ourselves? I could write on them with magic marker, which I have come to find does wash off eventually. I could put a piece of tape on them, which then will leave a funky mark. I could buy only the cups that are personalized already, but that would get expensive. Or I could use something just like this...

These are Orbit Labels.

I was sent a package of Orbit Labels from a great company called InchBug. InchBug is a company started in 2004 by, yep you guessed it, parents. I swear, parents can have the best company ideas, because they know what works for them and probably other families as well.
Orbit Labels from InchBug are a non-adhesive, reusable way to label all those drink cups in your cabinets. This helps prevent the accidental sharing of drink cups and also germs.

I worked with Emily from InchBug on getting our Orbit Labels. You can either choose the Custom Route or the Pre-Printed Route. We chose a set of Pumpkin Orange labels, both boy and girl friendly. They are personalized with your child's name, or in our case, our last name so that both kiddos can share. You can also add a second line for allergies, phone numbers, or anything else really, I chose to keep it with just our name, but love that you can add some important info for extra safety. All of the labels also have Braille (custom labels read InchBug), this is great for kids who have a visual impairment or school/teammates with one as well.

Our Orbit Labels arrived quickly and in a cute little clear plastic box. They are very securely packaged inside the box as well. The box has very clear directions for use, uses, and photos of the labels being used correctly. I immediately got our Orbit Labels around some sippys because we were heading to a friend's house. They fit snuggly around the insulated cups we were taking. Our name was still clearly readable and did not seem to have any problem stretching farther if we needed it to. When we got home, I popped them into the dishwasher and they came out exactly as they went in.
We have used and washed many times since, still with the same result. I love that Beckett and Scarlett can clearly see and remember which cup is theirs. They also work great on snack containers!

Here is Beckett's water among his friends' at soccer

InchBug also carries a few different types of adhesive labels. They have personalized and non-personalized allergy adhesive labels. With so many friends and classmates with allergies, it is great to have an additional way to protect these children from being in contact with something harmful. InchBug also has adhesive photo and personalized labels in different shapes and sizes.

I would love to grab some of these-Date stickers

These Bag Tags would be perfect for lunch boxes and backpacks at preschool
Want It? Buy It!
If you want to have a great, super easy way to label your kiddos things, this is it! Dishwasher and microwave safe, these personalized labels are great for keeping your germs yours. Head over to InchBug to pick up some labels of your own.
Want It? Win It!
One lucky winner will recieve a set of Custom Orbit Labels from InchBug. Remember- you have to be a GFC follower of our blog to qualify to win this great prize! Use the super easy entry form below for your chance to win.
Special thanks goes to Emily from InchBug for working with us and helping us discover a great way to label our sippys!
Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from this representative. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ


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