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BabyLegs Review & Giveaway

As a Mommy of one sweet little girl, I am always on the lookout for cute clothing ideas to help her stand out. One fashion trend that I have long wanted Scarlett to be a part of....LEGWARMERS! Little did I know how much I would fall madly in love with them. I was blessed to have the opportunity to review a few adorable products from BabyLegs.

The day I received the package in the mail, I sat in my driveway and immediately opened up the envelope. Inside, to my wonderful surprise, were four different products, all perfect for the upcoming Fall season. Each product came neatly in its own separate package, except for the socks (which were two pair in a pack). Here is what my package from BabyLegs contained:
All of the legwarmers from BabyLegs are one size fits most, which is wonderful for those cute chunky thighs on babies and toddlers. The tights are available in 9-18 months, 18-24 months, and 2-4T. Their socks are available in 0-12 months, 12-24 months, and 2-4T. Beware, they have so many options you probably will not be able to choose just one thing, and they are available in both girl and boy styles, so nobody is left out.

Click here to check out the story behind BabyLegs-what a great idea!

The weather in Indiana has been really warm, and I couldn't wait for some cooler weather to get these products some great use, so when it finally got here, I was thrilled.

The first item to be Scarlett-tested, Mommy-approved were the Calico Leg Warmers. They are polka dot and super colorful, which gave me lots of options to match with the rest of her outfit. I paired her Calico Leg Warmers with a white long sleeve shirt, jean skirt, pink shoes, and white hair bow. Scarlett of course added her own"jewelry".
Scarlett wore them all day, we did big brother's Preschool drop off, grocery shopping, Kindermusik (dancing all around), lunch, playground playing, picking up brother, pottying, napping, you name it we did it, and guess what--I never had to pull them up or readjust them. Well let me rephrase, not once did they fall on their own, some small girl did pull them up and down for fun. They held up well to lots of tough playing and usage all day long. They were also great for our current potty training adventures and we didn't have to remove them at all when it was potty time.

The next product to be put to use were the Quilted Leg Warmers. Now I had checked the BabyLegs site out and saw a really unique idea that I couldn't wait to try. They have a page, dedicated to photos of kids wearing their BabyLegs and this is what I found, leg warmers as sleeves!
I paired her Quilted Leg Warmers, which have some amazingly bright colors, with a cream colored tee and skinny jeans. She was thrilled to be playing in our backyard without having to wear a jacket. She is fairly tiny, so I did have to roll them up a bit by her shoulders, but they stayed in place and she ran, climbed, and explored. The legwarmers are 67% cotton, 30% nylon, and 3% spandex, and I chose to wash my legwarmers on the hand wash cycle in my front load and lay them flat to dry.

As found on the package:
BabyLegs- Legwarmers:
Make diaper changing, potty training, and EC'n a breeze
Keep legs and arms warm year round
Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces while crawling
Provide lightweight sun protection
Are great with baby carriers and protects against gapiosis
Jazz up any dance class
Provide convenience and comfort at the hospital
Are a diaper bag essential

We have also used the legwarmers in gymnastics and dance class with her leotards, to give her some added leg warmth, everyone who sees them has complimented on how cute they are.
The third item for review were the Grandma's Favorite Girls Tights. Now those who know me personally, know I am not a sock/tights/anything on my feet person, and neither are my kiddos. I may now have to make an exception for these warm, thick tights. They were so easy to get on Scarlett, no pulling, tugging, yanking to get them up, they just slid right on her.
I requested the 18-24 month size for Scarlett, who is 26.5 months, and she is very petite (we are talking underneath the 0% on the growth charts in weight, and in the bottom 25% for her height). They were a bit big for her but we didn't have any problems with them staying up around her waist. I paired the Grandma's Favorite Girls Tights, with jean shorts and a Colts football jersey. The blue in the toes, waist, and stripes are an exact match for supporting our favorite team. The tights are made of 82% cotton, 16% nylon, 2% spandex and recommended to be machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. I washed them the same way I did the legwarmers.

My final product to review were the Heartfelt Baby Socks. As I mentioned before, not a huge sock lover, but again these are nice, thicker socks with a tread on the bottom to protect against slippery floors, which happens often at our house with all hardwood.
Socks are easily covered with pant legs, so I didn't worry to much about matching to what Scarlett was wearing, although I felt they were really too cute to hide. I requested the 12-24 month size sock, for my size 5 shoe girl. The Heartfelt Baby Socks fit her very well and she didn't fight to take them right off-score one for the socks! The socks are made of 73% cotton, 20% nylon, 4% polyester, and 3% spandex, recommended to machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. I chose to wash the same as with the other products.

All of the BabyLegs products have been great for the fall weather and outside playing. They have washed really well for all the dirt that has gotten smashed in to them and wear they have already seen so far. They are still super soft and look brand new.

I would highly recommend any of the BabyLegs products, they have so many different lines right now and I have added some of the BabyLegs "Hello Kitty" line to Scarlett's Christmas Wish List already as well. I am now a Facebook fan of BabyLegs and they have great sale codes as well, which is great to stock up on a few pairs and pay half the price! You do not want to miss out on these amazing and adorable products!
A special THANKS! to Casey for providing us with some awesome stuff!

Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned products directly from the shop owner. I was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with these products may differ.

Want It? Buy It!
You can get any of the products reviewed and any number of other great products from BabyLegs. They have a huge selection, you won't be disappointed!

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BabyLegs is giving away one $50 Prize Pack of truly adorable goodies! Use the handy dandy entry form below the post to enter to win. Remember- you MUST follow this blog through Google Friend Connect for your entry to count- no exceptions!


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  3. BabyLegs are adorable...and this house loves them!!! :)

  4. I love BabyLegs. They're so cute, especially the Bake Shop collection.

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