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BabyCakes by Sara Review

~Proud Sponsor of Balian's 1st Birthday Bash~

I have come across many diaper cakes since I first discovered them a few years ago. I have always thought that they make wonderful gifts, because diapers are so expensive, and what are new parents going to need more than anything else? Bingo- diapers! Friend to The Mommy Blog, Sara Grossman asked if she could send Balian one of her crafty diaper creations for his birthday. Being one of those parents still needing diapers, how could I say no? Besides needing diapers all the time, I love to look at diaper cakes! There are so many creative things that can be done with them, and BabyCakes by Sara makes no exceptions! I was thrilled about the opportunity to review one of Sara's diaper cakes, and could wait to see what she would send to us!

Sara G. started her company back in 2009 after making a diaper cake as a gift for her family, expecting twins. She then decided to share her love of all things baby with the world and offer her creative cakes locally, and elsewhere. Sara uses the finest ingredients to bake her cakes: premium diapers, popular toys, beautiful embellishments, etc. She offers several gift options to her clients, including: diaper cakes, sock roses, washcloth lollipops and bouquets! You can even 'bake' your own cake! Start with a blank diaper cake canvas, and add all the bells and whistles you want! I love that! Sara makes it so easy for anyone to personalize a special gift for someone they love! Check out the order form here.

 Balian's Birthday Diaper Cake from Baby Cakes by Sara

When Balian's special diaper cake arrived from Sara, it was in a big box. I was so happy to see that it was nicely packaged, to ensure that it would not be crushed or damaged during transit. I pulled the cake out of the box and displayed it on my dining table, examining it from every angle. First off, the presentation was wonderful. I loved the light blue tulle that the cake was enveloped in. It was all tied off with a lovely bow, and even came with a special note card from Sara, wishing Balian a happy first birthday! The ribbon wrapped around the diaper cake layers was so fun and whimsical. Balian loves ribbons!

We left the cake all wrapped up and didn't touch it for a few weeks, because we wanted all of the guests at Balian's birthday party to see it. We placed it on the table with all of the birthday gifts, and boy, was it a hit! All of our friends and family members were asking where the diaper cake came from, and I was happy to tell them about Sara and her company, and she her business card with them. Diaper cakes look so cute, and I hate to take them apart, but you can't get to the good stuff it you keep it wrapped and stare at it for days! So, I finally broke down and started to dismantle the cake, and when I did, I found that the cake was stuffed with surprises!

On the very top of the cake sat one of Sara's signature washcloth lollipops! It was cute as could be- all wrapped up, on a stick, tied with a bow, and there was even a BabyCakes sticker on it!
See for yourself...

Washcloth Lollipop

The cake was also stuffed with lots of other goodies! I found travel size toiletries like baby powder, baby wash, shampoo, lotion, nail files, clippers, scissors, a comb, brush, diaper rash cream and wet wipes! These are great for new parents, and I also love to have them around for when we're planning on traveling. I may just send this set over to my parents house since Balian spends the night over there every now and then! The cake itself was made up of over 62 Pampers diapers. I love Pampers, and so does Balian's bum!

Look at the yummy cake filling...

I am so impressed by Sara's BabyCakes, and I would absolutely recommend that you take a look at her website- even just to see the pictures of her work, if nothing else! These cakes and other treats make wonderful gifts. If you're hosting a baby shower, consider a cake or bouquet to use as a centerpiece. It'll be the talk of the party! If someone in your workplace is having a baby, a diaper cake would be a wonderful gift to go in on with some co-workers. Don't forget- babies are in diapers until they learn to use the potty, so diaper cakes can be given for many occasions- showers, birthdays, baptisms, holidays, etc!

I also wanted to just show you a few pictures of Sara's other goodies:


Another adorable Diaper Cake

Sock Bouquet...

 *New* Large and Small Bouquets...

Want It? Buy It!
Visit BabyCakes by Sara today and take a look around! Sara is super sweet and will bake your cake to order with lot's of love! Don't see what you're looking for? Get creative and bake your own cake at BabyCakes by Sara! Plus, Sara is offering Mommy Blog readers 20% off the purchase of a diaper cake or bouquet. Just use the code: MOMMY20 when you place your order!

Special thanks to Sara of BabyCakes by Sara for sending Balian a special Diaper Cake creation for his first birthday!


Disclosure: I was sent the above featured product directly from the owner of this company. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. My opinions are my own. Your experience with any of these products may differ.

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