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Ultimate Life Organizer Review and Giveaway from PPP

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I am a momma who prides herself on being very well organized. It's a little easier said than done once you add babies into the mix, though. You have a baby, and then suddenly, your world is turned upside down, and you'll take all the help you can get! I was recently browsing products on one of my favorite sites- Peter Pauper Press and came across something I decided I just had to have in my home...

Meet The Ultimate Life Organizer by Lisa Montanaro, from Peter Pauper Press. This handy dandy notebook should be on every mommy's must have list! This is a complete interactive guide to a simpler, less stressful and more organized life. Even the most organized folks out there surely have a little room for improvement. In this organizer, you will find 160 pages of insightful tips and tricks for getting organized.

Topics covered in this book/organizer:
The Inner Game of Being Organized
Time Management
Organizing at Home
Organizing at Work
Organizing Your Paper, Bills and Finances- Oh, My!
Seasonal Organizing and Special Situations
Staying Organized

I plan on using this organizer for many different things. Since having Balian, time management has a whole new meaning. I have to figure out how to be mommy, wife, homemaker, business woman, church volunteer and still find time for myself (yeah, right!). This organizer is already helping me to prioritize by determining goals, making lists and making things happen. There's even a section that focuses on motivation or the lack thereof!

The Ultimate Life Organizer... 

The Ultimate Life Organizer is going to be a big help to me and my husband this fall, as we look into home buying. It'll help us get our finances in order, and keep track of things as we start the process of looking into loans, working with a Realtor, and begin looking at houses, eventually.

Owning my own business is rough sometimes, but having this organizer is a dream come true! Now, I can keep my home business organized and separate from my home life. If you own your own business, The Ultimate Life Organizer would be a helpful tool for you, as well.

We plan on taking Balian on his first big trip after Christmas this year, and I'll need all the organizational help I can get. Luckily, I have The Ultimate Life Organizer, and in it, is a detailed packing list for vacations! I'm just going to photo copy it and use it as I'm packing. The seasonal organization section will help  me stay organized for the holidays, even when I'll be feeling the pressures of packing for vacation. The Ultimate Life Organizer is sure to keep the holidays an enjoyable, stress free time for us this year!

The Ultimate Life Organizer is filled with worksheets for you to use. I would suggest making master copies of them, and then keeping those on hand to use again and again. There are also journaling sheets at the end of each chapter for you to make notes and remarks.

 The Ultimate Life Organizer...

Need help planning weekly meals? I do! This is something I used to be very vigilant about, but now that Balian is here, I have little time to sit down and plan meals out. There is a meal planner and master shopping list section in The Ultimate Life Organizer, too! I am so loving this organizer!

Guided journaling pages. Blank calendars for planning project time frames and recording reminders. Section for special occasions. Inside back cover pocket. Measures 7-3/4'' x 9-1/4''. Covered wire-o binding. Handy elastic band place holder. 160 pages.
This organizer would make the perfect gift for a birthday, new home owner, graduation gift, etc. This would be perfect for newlyweds and new parents, too!

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Special thanks to Rasheen at Peter Pauper Press for offering this great giveaway!
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Disclaimer: I was sent the above featured product directly from the featured company. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.


  1. My husband and I could use this to keep our thoughts together. We lack communication when keeping organized. This would keep us on the same page (literally!)

  2. I need an organization overhaul. This would be great to help with that!

  3. i need to keep up with my bills!!! NO MORE LATE FEES!!!!

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  4. I am horrible and keeping things organized! Following your blog now :)

  5. Hey- following you back! Thanks for following my blog!

  6. I really need to work on being more organized! would LOVE to have this :)

  7. I am following your Awesome Blog!! God bless Rashida

  8. Where do I need to get organized in my life. How about where don't I?!? The list is literally endless! I work full time, own a business with my hubby and have a 4 year old who is in soccer, gymnastics, and dance. I need help! LOL



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