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Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering Review and Giveaway

One of the worst things about buying a new house is staring at blank, ugly walls... especially when those walls have been left behind with the previous homeowner's mark! I love decorating my home, but being on a very tight budget has left me wanting more than I can afford. We have very high ceilings in our living room, which is amazing, but poses a problem when it comes to decorating. I envisioned pictures of my family and anything to warm up my living room. I wanted it to feel homey and welcoming, where people would never want to leave.  I picked out some pieces, but felt like there was still something missing. 

I had spoken with my sister at one point and told her that I was interested in getting some vinyl lettering or wall art for the house. I am so glad that I did, because a few days later she emailed me and said "how would you like to review Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering?" I was so excited!! I contacted LaVon Curtis, who told me I could pick out anything I wanted, SCORE! I searched through Sticky Words' website, and was a kid in a candy store! They offer so many choices I was a little overwhelmed at first. I had my husband sit down with me to help me decide what we wanted in the house, but he had a hard time too.

With over 15 categories to choose from, there is something for everyone. Next time a friend has a baby or buys a house, I am going to buy them something from Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering, they make the perfect gift, and you can guarantee that no one else will have bought it! I love the options they give you and their work is gorgeous!

After spending about a week combing through their amazing pieces of art, I landed on something that I thought would fit our home and lifestyle. I chose wording and while the images on the site are copyrighted, the art on my wall is directly from Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering.

We're Feeling Warm and Cozy Now!

I choose the phrase, Home is where our story begins, because it fits us so well. We are homebodies who love to curl up on the couch, pop some popcorn and watch a movie! It was the perfect fit for our home and I decided that the chocolate brown color would go well with the rustic feel of the stars. And putting the letters on the wall was a piece of cake. I do have textured walls, and the lettering is best suited for smooth walls, but it work just fine!

In process...

You place the lettering on your wall, making sure you get it in the right place because once it's on there, it's not coming off until you heat it up to take it down! Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering gives you a special smoothing tool to make sure that the image properly adheres to your wall. The tool makes short work of the process and it was kind of fun to scrape and push the image onto my wall. I had a rough day, so I took my aggression out on the wall! Although, I made sure I didn't scrape too hard making sure I didn't mess up the image. That would have made my day worse! After you have scraped it into the wall, peel back the paper slowly, making sure that the letters are on the wall. You may have a few spots that need a little extra help. I know I did!

      The finished product...
The finished product is amazing. It really warms up the house and makes me feel like we are on our way to really making this house our home! A few people that have been in the house have asked me where we got it, I proudly tell them Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering! I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to review this product, I am thoroughly pleased with it and I know I will be going back to them for images in the future. Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering has a customer for life! I can't wait to order my next image. Their work is of the utmost quality and you Will not be disappointed. I was greatly surprised because in my package when I received it, there was an extra Welcome image in there. It fit perfectly in with my decor and LaVon was nice enough to make it the same color as the other one! It's little touches like that, that keep people coming back! If you are in the market for Vinyl Words, or images, you can not pass up Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering. I encourage you to give them a try, I know you'll love them just as much as I do!


 I would like to give a Big thank you to LaVon Curtis over at Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering for giving me the opportunity to review their products, and for allowing us to host a giveaway.
Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the consultant. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

Want It? Buy It!
If you or some one you know is interested in buying an Image or Words, head on over to Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering. They have every vinyl lettering piece under the sun for your home, and they also make thoughtful gifts for new homeowners, newlyweds, etc!

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  1. this would be awesome for my nursery!!!

  2. I would love to win this because we too have a new place with white walls and my husband and I can't afford much decoration or I have walls in my kindergarten classroom that could always use some good scripture if it is available.

  3. P.S. The anonymous post if from Jess Harris, email is littleboo84@yahoo.com.

  4. love to make my home homier is why i want to win

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  6. i would love to win to get some decals for my kitchen..


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