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Scentsy Solid Perfume Review and Giveaway

I've shared before how much I love yummy scents, and that includes perfumes. All through college, my sister and I were designer perfume girls (might still be if we could afford it!). I used my favorite fragrances very sparingly to see that they lasted as long as possible. I wore perfume all the time, and sometimes even wore two at a time, to layer fragrances. I might have even used perfume as a room freshener a time or two... may have even spritzed my bed linens! I love to smell good... who doesn't? 

After I became pregnant, I stopped wearing perfume, because I didn't want it to trigger my sensitivity to certain scents. Once Balian was born, I longed to wear something that smelled like something other than spit-up, but because I was nursing, didn't dare spray anything on my body that might bother my baby. Now that Balian is almost a year old, I figure it's safe to wear light scents again, but I still don't want to use lotions or spray perfumes.

Scentsy's Fine Fragrance Collection

A couple of weeks ago, I received a very unique item to try out. Renee Holdren, a Superstar Consultant with Scentsy, sent me one of Scentsy's new Solid Perfumes. I've heard of solid perfume before, but never thought to try it for myself. And of course, I already know that I love the scents from Scentsy... but do I want to wear them? As it turns out, yes- I do want to wear them! The Scentsy Fine Fragrance Collection features solid perfumes, which work with your body chemistry to create a scent that is truly your own.

The Fine Fragrance Collection currently includes the following scents:

Enchanted Mist
Love Story
 My Wish
Satin Sheets
Simply Irresistable

 Love Story Solid Perfume from Scentsy

Renee was very sweet to send me the Love Story Solid Perfume to try out. If you ask me, Love Story is a temptress scent! It's one of my favorite scents from Scentsy, so I knew it would make me smell great! Love Story is a blend of innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber, embraced my luscious dark chocolate. Mmm... some of my very favorite things all rolled into one fragrance! What I really love about the solids perfume from Scentsy is that you can control the power of the scent. Since you just remove the little cap and rub the scent on, you can put on a tiny touch, or you can add more as you wish.

The solid perfume is also extremely convenient for travel and every day use. Just toss the scent stick into your handbag or your travel bag, and you're good to go... no worrying about expensive perfumes leaking out into your bag (that's happened to me more times than I can count on two hands!). I also have a feeling that when creating these solid perfumes, Scentsy remembered that many people are sensitive to scents that women wear. So, if you tend to not wear scents because of the people around you, I'd say it's safe to wear a little dab of one of these yummy scents. The Fine Fragrance Collection really hits on a lot of women's favorite scents, and Satin Sheets even envelopes vanilla, which most men tend to love, as well. Now, if Scentsy could just add a scent in a perfume that combined vanilla and cinnamon, I think the guys would be all over that one... or the women who wear it (wink!).

All in all, I am thrilled that Scentsy decided to experiment with these new solid perfumes, and I can't wait to see which scents they might add to their Fine Fragrance Collection in the future! Well done, Scentsy... you've hooked this momma yet again! I'll also be thinking of these solid perfumes for Christmas gifts, and you should, too! These would make wonderful stocking stuffers! Renee would be happy to assist you with your Christmas shopping, or if you'd like to make your own Scentsy Christmas Wish List! Contact Renee today!

Want It? Buy It?
If you'd like to try Scentsy's new Fine Fragrance Collection, please visit Renee Holdren's Scentsy website. The Solid Perfumes are $18.00. And if you're in the market for more Scentsy, don't forget their wonderful warmers, scent bricks, room sprays and more! Just a few days left to grab the Scent of the month- Pumpkin Marshmallow!

 Satin Sheet Solid Perfume from Scentsy

Want It? Win It!
One lucky Mommy Blog reader will win their very own Solid Perfume in Satin Sheets:
Sensual and earthy sandalwood perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla To enter the giveaway, please use the entry form below.

Special thanks to Renee Holdren for offering this wonderful giveaway to our readers!
Good luck everyone!

Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the consultant. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.


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