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Dream Big, Little Pig Review -Kristi Yamaguchi

We are huge book fans around here, and what could be better than a new book to add to our collection? How about a book, written by the Olympic Gold-medal figure skater, Kristi Yamaguchi. Dream Big, Little Pig  is Kristi Yamaguchi's first children's picture book.

I always look at the front cover of children's books, I know I shouldn't be judging a book by it's cover, right, but none the less, I do. The cover of Dream Big, Little Pig, is all pinks and purples, and one cute little pig all dressed up in her ice skating attire. The lettering is the perfect size to catch your attention and the color attracts you right in.

As you turn inside the pages, you realize this cute little pig, Poppy, is quite the dreamer and wants to be a star. First, she wants to be a ballerina, but she is too clumsy. Then, she wants to be a singer, but she can't carry a tune. Then, a supermodel, but she is not glamorous enough. With every disappoint, her family and friends support and encourage her to follow her dreams, that she will find something she is wonderful at. Poppy eventually tries ice skating, and even though she has a rough start with it, she keeps trying and becomes a spectacular ice skating star, her dreams have finally become reality. As the story ends, she continues to dream about all the things she can do, and she does them.

Dream Big, Little Pig, sends the message that simply wanting to become a star is not so simple. It takes practice, determination, struggling through the ups and downs, and having people to support you. This message is easily understood by young and old. My four year old really got into the phrase, "Dream Big, Pig," used throughout the book by Poppy's best friend, Emma. He was cheering Poppy on just as much as Emma and her family. Although not the typical boy book, he sat through it many times over just to see the last page, Poppy sky-diving from a plane.

My two year old is in love with all the illustrations, done by Tim Bowers. She loves all the animals in the book, but especially Poppy. The colors used throughout the book are just up my little girly girl's alley. Pinks, purples, sparkles really made this book "hers" to love.

The writing is perfect for reading aloud to one child or a room full and is the newest addition and current favorite on our bookshelf.  I would recommend Dream Big, Little Pig, to anyone with little dreamers of their own.


Disclosure: I was sent the above mentioned book directly from its advertising firm. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are truly my own. Your experience with this book may differ.

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