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My husband and I have recently started daydreaming about a charming Victorian house built in 1900, which is for sale in our area. We dream about what it would be like to live in that house, and of course, my mind immediately jumps to what kind of decorating I could do in a home like that. We enjoy modern decor, but I have a very classic taste for decorating. The home has beautiful windows throughout... windows that I would never dream of hiding beneath blinds. Curtains could certainly work, and in some cases, would be a necessity for privacy, but where they're not required, how would I adorn my windows? I couldn't leave them bare, because that just isn't my thing. Windows should make a statement about the person who lives in the home where the windows become portals to private life and the outside world.

A great way to add a little pizazz to any room is to hang some window valances from or above your window. Window valances have certainly come a long way from those I remember having in our house when I was growing up. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful window valances available to match any decor style.

If and when my husband and I do find ourselves in a house where we can once again paint rooms the colors we love, we would return to a sage green either in the kitchen or dining room. I came across a window valance that I love, and I think could work in either space...

...Straight Pinch-Pleat Valance on Rings

My guest bedroom would be done in an almost Tiffany blue color, with black and white accents and linens. I love the combination of black and white in its simplicity and classic feel, however, a pop of color on the wall can add many depths to a simple idea. I would definitely want a soft and lovely, yet lush and rich-looking valance for my guests to enjoy. If I could choose any window valance in the world to use in that room, it would be this one...

...Austrian Shade as a Valance

I know that I have a baby boy, and I love him so very much! I have had a lot of fun decorating his nursery. When we're ready to have another baby, and if that baby happens to be a girl, I think I may want a girly nursery... filled with pretty, delicate frilly things that girls tend to like. I might go with pinks and greens, some touches of white here and there, as well. I already have the perfect window valances picked out, too, and they would work perfectly with soft sheers behind them...

...Tied London Valance

Maybe one day we will have our dream house, but until that day comes, there's nothing wrong with being a daydream believer. I might even be tempted to purchase some window valances to go with the colors the house we're living in now! Can't help myself... I love to decorate!


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