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It's really amazing how going out of town for just a couple of days throws the following week completely off! We headed to the beautiful state of Tennessee last weekend with my hubby's mom to visit my husband's grandparents on his father's side. It had been a few months since we last saw them, and this visit seemed long overdue. We were also able to take Balian to meet his Great Great Grandma Large on Sunday afternoon, which was very special. We couldn't really let her hold him, because he is mighty strong and we were afraid he'd break one of her bones if he kicked at her or something (I get kicked in the face daily- it hurts!). He sat and played at her feet, though, which was very sweet. Grannie will be 100 in January! She still lives by herself, completely unassisted! On Monday, we had breakfast with Grandaddy and Nana at their lovely apartment. Here are a few pictures from our visit...

 Balian plating with Nana Velma...

 Me, looking at an old scrapbook with Grandaddy Ted 
(it was his mother's high school memory book!)...

Grandaddy Ted, Sacha and Balian- The Witt boys...

We had a fantastic visit, and were able to take the scenic route home. We drove through the mountains, stopped off for a quick trot around Asheville, NC... had to go to the Chocolate Fetish and get some truffles, go to Malloprops (bookstore) and look around and grab a coffee. Balian had a blast playing in the children's section (they have a basket of toys out and little rugs). Hated to have to head home, but we didn't end up rolling back into Salisbury until close to midnight.

Wednesday was wonderful, because we went to church in Wednesday night and Sacha lead his instrumental group, while I was in my Alpha class. Thursday was crazy. I had a Premier Jewelry Show, so I spent the day baking and cleaning... all while trying to entertain Balian (not easy!). Had a great girls night, though! And so now it's Friday, and I need to catch up on a couple of reviews and get a giveaway or two posted for you all! I know you're excited about that, and you should be!

I hope to spend the weekend getting the rest of the things we need for Balian's birthday party- which is in two weeks! Next weekend will be shot- it's my 10 year high school reunion (gasp- 10 years already!) and we also have the wedding of a dear college friend to attend. Can't wait for a night out. It'll be the first time Balian spends the night away from me! Mixed feelings about that, for sure. So, I have to tie up loose birthday party ends this weekend and there's still much to be done!

I can't wait for Balian's party, and I really can't wait for all of the birthday bash reviews and giveaways to come to all of you. You are just going to love the items we're set to feature! The birthday bash begins October 10th- so be sure to check back here so you don't miss anything! I'm headed off now to get showered and dressed for the day, get the hubs off to work and get Balian up and ready to play! I love being a mom- best job ever!


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  1. It's my ten-year too.. where did the time go? I can't go to mine though, cause its on a Saturday night in MD over thanksgiving and I don't have enough vacation time.


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