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Andrea's Pacifier Clips and More

We all want to be unique in our own way, and what a better way than wearing something that hundreds of other people won't be. I love to have my kids stand out in a group of their peers because they have something a little bit different on.

One way I have accomplished this is by finding wonderful handmade items for them to wear. Now going about finding such items can be overwhelming and time consuming to find just the right thing, but there are a few different places to go to find thousands of different, quality pieces.

A recent search on Facebook landed me here, at a great page called Andrea's Pacifier Clips & More. Don't let the name fool you, yes she does have Pacifier Clips, but the More part-it is a ton of cool products for both boys and girls. I browsed through the page's photo and info section and realized there was also a website and even more fun for me--an ETSY shop! Now the Facebook page has some great promotions, giveaways, but even cooler-items that haven't made it to the website yet so you can be the first to order right from there! The website and ETSY store are great too, filled with photos, prices, and info on each product.

Andrea was great to work with, she was really excited to work with us at The Mommy Blog, and sent out her products right away. It did take a bit of time to get here, but only because it was coming all the way to Indiana from Canada. It was packaged very safely in a padded envelope and everything arrived intact. I was sent two great products to review, one for girls and one for boys.

-My First Product-

Now we love hair bows, barrettes, headbands, anything cute for Scarlett's hair. Although she is 2, she doesn't have the long, thick head of hair one would hope for. This can cause problems when we want to wear certain hair accessories. I usually have to attach her barrette to a headband to get it to stay, because of the thinness of her hair or readjust barrettes over and over again. This was certainly NOT the case with Andrea's Non-Slip Hair Clips. I was so surprised and happy with how well they stayed in Scarlett's hair for many hours without fail. They are adorable too! We were sent a pair of red fabric sparkle sequined flowers on a red and green alligator clip. These work well for now, but will be perfect come Christmastime with all the red and greens.

All of Andrea's Non Slip Hair Clips are fully lined and have 2 latex-free non slip inserts inside, this is apparently the magic trick for keeping them in Scarlett's hair. I wish all of our hair accessories had these, WOW! What a difference! 

-My Second Product-
Adjustable Boy Tie

I have a 4 year old who has a bit of style, now it is all his own, but he pulls it off. One style he has embraced is the tie, he has 4 or 5 and asks for new ones every so often. He could not wait to get his new tie out of the packaging and get it around his neck. He likes to wear them to church, school, hanging out, it pretty much doesn't matter. He told me he had to have a "button shirt", which is what he calls anything with buttons on it, so we pulled out his plain white one so that the tie would stand out. I didn't have to adjust it much, it fit well under the collar of his shirt and did not choke him like some other ties we have tried. It is a great black and white "race car" pattern as Beckett described it.

The adjustable tie is made with a piece of elastic that can be used from newborn to school-age size, which is perfect. The fabric is polyester, and it is really soft and smooth. This tie has already quickly become the new favorite tie in Beckett's wardrobe.
A huge thanks to Andrea from Andrea's Pacifier Clips & More for providing us with great products to review and give away to our lucky readers!
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One lucky reader will receive both
Super cute "Lips" adjustable tie and Pink Sequin Hearts Non-Slip Hair Clips


  1. the ties are sooo cute my lil man would look adorable in them (once he is born lol)

  2. Dear sister, any recommendations for that handsome little blonde boy who is turing 5 in a couple of weeks? I love the Perry the Platypus toy but if he'd rather have one of these wicked ties we'll totally do that!! They are super cute!


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