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Back to School Organizing

Guest post by Sarah Keller

As we prepare for back to school activities, getting ourselves organized should be a priority - for us and our kids.  If you're like 90% of Americans, you would like to be more organized.  It saves us time and money.  However, for many people getting there can be overwhelming.  Let me assure you, going from cluttered to organized does not happen overnight.  In fact, it's much easier to organize the areas of your life a little at a time. 

Now that it's time for back to school, let's look at some ways to help organize your kids' things and save you some headaches. 


#1 THE LAUNCH PAD:  Have an area where your kids can put their items that they will need as they leave for school in the morning.  The best places are near the door, in the mudroom or in the coat closet.  Individual bins, buckets or baskets labeled with your kids' names will keep their items separate from each other.  Kids might need 2 bins each - one for school supplies and the other for hats, gloves, scarves, etc. as the weather cools down. (example: Chrome Locker Basket or Tufftotes - Clever Container

GripIt 3-Ring Binder...

#2 KEEP IT TOGETHER: The GripIt 3-Ring Binder will keep your child's supplies neatly in the front of his/her binder. Just put it in the front of the binder like you would with paper.  It holds their pens, ruler, calculator, scissors, glue stick, etc. all together so these items are easily and quickly accessible. (It's also the Clever Container August special!) 

                Document Boxes                   
#3 DROP ZONE:  Have a name-labeled document box for each child in a central area.  Completed papers that come home from school should be put in the child's box to eventually be saved or purged.  This prevents piles of papers on your kitchen counter, dining room table or bedroom floors. (example: Document Boxes or Chrome Locker Basket - Clever Container) 
Chrome Locker Basket...

#4 POST IT:  Hang a bulletin board for posting important papers like field trip permission slips, school newsletters and other papers sent home for parents to see.  Document important dates on your family calendar. 

I Did My Chores...

#5 GIT R' DONE:  Children entering school for the first time may have difficulty getting used to doing things in a timely manner in the morning.  Make or purchase a chart that includes routine activities such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, making their bed and eating breakfast.  This helps them learn responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.  It also helps your mornings go more smoothly!  (example: I Did My Chores - Clever Container)  

Don't underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep - this will help the morning routine run more smoothly.  And be sure to allow enough time for breakfast to fuel them through the morning. 
Organizing your back to school routine is a great step to organizing the rest of your life!  

For more organizing ideas, visit my facebook page or purchase Clever Container organizing products online. 

Contact Sarah Keller for more information.

~Sarah K., for The Mommy Blog~

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