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Kristi B's Norwex Review and Giveaway

Since it is Home and Garden week, I am really excited to have had the chance to review a Window Cloth from Kristi B with Norwex. Kristi sent me a purple, anti bacterial- microfiber, window cloth. The cloth is extremely soft and very durable. The Microfiber picks up dirt and grime and leaves your surfaces magically clean, it also gives off an electrostatic charge which removes the dirt instead of pushing it around. We all know how traditional dusters send dirt into the air causing us to sneeze, but the anti-bacterial fiber reduces allergens, so you can breathe easily when cleaning! I was pleasantly surprised at the texture, most micro-fiber cloths, stick to my skin, but the Norwex Window Cloth didn't!

Purple Cleaning Cloth

Norwex  is a Norwegian based company that set out to create a very unique, environmentally friendly concept of Clean without Chemicals. (Norwex Website.)  I truly love that idea! I hate cleaning, let alone cleaning with chemicals, and when Kristi presented me with the opportunity to easily clean my windows and other surfaces in my home, easily and chemical free, I jumped on the chance! Kristi told me, all I needed was water and the cloth and my windows and surfaces would sparkle! I was a little skeptical, but I was willing to give it a try! * Just a side note, I did use the cloth on my Windows, but it was really hard to get a good picture to show you how it worked!*

Dirty Mirror, sprayed with water

Cleaning the mirror

Sparkling Clean Mirror!

I used the Norwex window cloth to clean my very hairspray covered mirror, and it came out so clean, I was shocked at how well it worked. With just a little bit of water, the micro-fiber cloth, that is 1/100th the size of human hair, got the sticky, gooey mess off of the mirror. I didn't have to scrub or get "cleaning elbow" when cleaning anything, just a few quick wipes and the grime came right off!

Besides the mirror, I also used the cloth to clean the brass on my fireplace, and the dirty mess on my fridge. The fireplace was so clean, I could clearly see everything on my face in it! Not a pretty picture! But it is nice to look at instead of mortar dust from the masonry. My fridge is another story. I love to put flavors in my water, and I have been using a new brand that is liquid, but it stains everything. I couldn't get it off of my fridge, but the Norwex Window Cloth worked amazingly to clean it off. No other products so far have worked as well as this one to get off the stains.

Getting Ready to Clean the Fireplace

All Clean!

Gross, Dirty Fridge, that nothing gets clean!

Perfect after Norwex!

The Norwex Window Cloth was so easy and fun to use, I went around looking for things to clean after I saw how well it worked! I cleaned the tempered glass TV stand, back and front door, and all of my windows! I wanted to post pictures of how shiny they all are, but they were too bright! The surfaces in my house are so clean, I can't wait for them to get dirty again so I can clean them! Oh, and cleaning the cloth is a breeze, throw it in the washer with your regular load and use Eco friendly, non bleach cleaners and it will be all clean!

The Proof is in the Cloth!

In addition to the Norwex Window Cloth, they also offer a wide array of products including:

I love the kids line, they kids can have their own supplies, so they can be Mommies Little helper! How cute is that? And, when Mommy gets tired and needs a boost, try the Organic Personal Care Line and grab some awesome products like their Face Lift Serum, or their Foot Gel. You will be one pampered Momma! And you know you can trust them since they are certified organic. I think I might be trying some of these products!
Over all, the Norwex Window Cloth works wonders and will cut down on cleaning time. Use the cloth dry or wet, it will get the job done no matter how big or small the mess is. Since the cloth is Antibacterial, you are going to cut down on the number of allergens in your home, which was a huge plus for me since I have hay fever! This is a must have product and I am so glad I have this cloth now and will be going back to Kristi for more products in the future.

Kristi has been so generous to provide our readers with the chance to win a Norwex Window Cloth. I hope you all enter, I know you will enjoy this cloth.

Want to buy it?
Head on over to www.norwex.com
Find Kristi B in the Find A Consultant Tab

Want to win it?
One lucky Mommy Blog reader will receive a Norwex Window Cloth of their very own!

Giveaway Rules:
*Open to US residents, only.

*Must FOLLOW The Mommy Blog through GFC (Google Friend Connect- press the follow button)

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Giveaway closes at midnight on July 12th .
Winner will be selected via Random.org on July 13th and announced on the blog and on our Facebook page. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.


A special Thanks to Kristi B for allowing me to review the Norwex Window Cloth and for offering a Window Cloth as a giveaway for one of our Lucky Readers. 
Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the company's consultant. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. The opinions expressed are my own, and your experience with this product may differ.


  1. Very cool! Looks like this would make a great gift!

  2. I would LOVE to win this cloth. With having 3 daughters, and my clumsy self, I could sure use it!


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