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Biddy Belly Review

I couldn't let this week slip by without including something for the babes! Until recently, Balian wasn't really on the move. In fact, he still resisted tummy time from very early on! I started tummy time with him early on, encouraging him and playing with him- trying to help his coordination and muscle development. He never seemed to be into it, though, which was frustrating for me. The older he got, the more tummy time we had each day, and the less interested he became in playing on his belly. Longing for him to enjoy his tummy time, I searched for helpful products, and then came across an interesting and adorable tummy time tool.

Meet the Biddy Belly! This cute giraffe is a unique tool for tummy time, perfect for use from newborn age up to eight months. It's shape and incline are designed to help promote correct muscle development in babies. Biddy Belly was created by Robin Tacchetti a physical therapist, who is also a mommy of three! Robin watched all three of her babies struggle with tummy time, and with some help from pediatricians, came up with Biddy Belly!

We were given the opportunity to give Biddy Belly a try with Balian, and we have loved it! I wish that I'd known about Biddy Belly when Balian was a much younger baby. When we first introduced Balian to his new 'buddy,' he was so intrigued! I placed him on Biddy, on his belly, and he played with the toys that were attached, grabbed at the different colors on the feet of the giraffe, laughed, and gradually started to become more independent while playing on the floor. Balian is a lover of stuffed animals, so he and Biddy have had a lot of fun together! Our experience with the Biddy Belly has been amazing! Once Balian started playing on the Biddy Belly, he really began to gain more control over his muscles and movement. Within just a couple of weeks, he was sitting up unassisted, on his hands and knees, and then just a couple of weeks later, pulling himself up, cruising while holding onto something, and crawling faster than I can run to catch him! It all happened so fast, and we have the Biddy Belly to thank for that! Now that Balian is crawling, he and Biddy still have a lot of fun together. We connect different toys to Biddy, and they play together all day long!

Is Biddy Belly safe for baby? Absolutely! They have passed all of the safety tests, so you can let your sweet babe play with Biddy for hours on end without having to worry about their safety. Always make sure you supervise your baby while at play and during tummy time. Never leave your baby unattended.

Here's a diagram showing what the Biddy Belly is designed to do...

Features of the Biddy Belly:
Giraffe horns make a squeak and rattle noise.
There's crinkle material in the nose.
There's an attached reflective mirror.
Interchangeable toys for play time.
Anatomically correct placement for baby's arms, so they can push up while on their tummies.
Gradual incline supports baby's body weight, allows them to see more.
Removable side bolsters to keep baby from rolling off. 
Machine washable.

Benefits include:
Increases strength in arms, shoulders, back and head.
Decreases risk of gross motor delays such as crawling, sitting and rolling.
Decreases the risk of flat spots on baby's head.
Decreases risk of neck muscles tightening on one side.
Promotes thinking and reasoning skills.

Even though Balian is now too tall to properly lay on Biddy's Belly, he still enjoys playing with him even at nine months old!

Biddy Belly has been a huge help to us, and to Balian. I am positive that it has given him a push in the right direction to doing things more independently. It absolutely helped him gain enough muscle control to push up on his hands and knees, and eventual crawl on his own. Now my little man just goes and goes and goes, and there's no turning back! We love Biddy so much! He and Balian will be friends for a long time, I'm sure. I am so happy to have found out about Biddy Belly, and am thankful that he'll be around when baby number two shows up down the road. I would recommend this product to any mommy of little babes. Think what a neat and unique gift it would make, too!

Want It? BUY IT!
You can purchase a Biddy Belly of your very own on the Biddy Belly website. They can even gift wrap it for you! Every new mom deserves to have a Biddy Belly for her sweet babe!

Can't get enough of Biddy Belly? Like Biddy Belly on Facebook and send in your pics of your little babes with their Biddy Belly!


 Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product directly from the company (Robin- creator of Biddy Belly). I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. Your experience with this product may differ.

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