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Monday, Monday...

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend was extremely busy, as usual... that's why I didn't post all weekend! Friday night is actually now a distant memory. I'm thinking that we just got some Bojanges chicken and chilled out. 

Saturday morning, though, we were up early. We went to Home Depot with my mother-in-law the help her pick out a new faucet for her kitchen sink. While we were there, I picked up a few containers of Portulaca for my flower pots cascading down my front steps. Then it was off to Target to stock up on baby supplies- you name it, we were out of it. Spent a while there, we were too early for all of the yummy free food samples, though... they were just setting them up while we were finishing our shopping! I love me some free samples! That's why it's great to go to Sam's Club around lunch time on a Saturday... lot's of free samples... free lunch! Yes- I have no shame. Since we were too early for the free samples, we headed to Moe's Southwest Grill for lunch, and I enjoyed a ginormo burrito- stuffed with lot's of deliciousness that my hubby thinks is gross: beans, avacado, pico de gallo, and so on. 

 Just a'playin...

Then it was time to head home- but while we were on our way home, we noticed a lot of yard sales going on in our neighborhood. We decided to drive past a few of them, and noticed that one yard had a bunch of baby stuff for sale. They had an activity bouncer (which we don't need, because we already have one), and a walker (which we've been looking to purchase!). It looked like it had been sitting in a garage for quite a while, but other than needing to be cleaned, it seemed to be in good condition. It's a Kolkraft walker, so it's a brand I know I can trust. They were  asking ten dollars, and Sacha talked them down to seven. Score!
 Got it home, cleaned it up, and then Sacha said, 'Now, if they had cleaned it before putting it out for sale, I would have paid the ten... and they possibly could have asked for more.' Oh, well. We have to buy replacement casters, though... because the casters on it are really rough and scratching my wood floors.

 B's walker...

After we were home for a bit, we decided to go to my parents house for a visit, and they fed us dinner. And then it was home, and to bed, because Sunday mornings always come too early.

I was worship leader at church yesterday, so we had to be there around 8:15 am. Worship was powerful, and inspiring. I had the great pleasure of working alongside one of our former pastors, who was our guest preacher yesterday. After church, we had a bite of lunch, and then headed to Lowe's. I seriously need to do some work in my yard. Balian helped me pull the weeds out of my veggie garden on Friday afternoon, but I need to pay some attention to my front flower beds, too. I have to pull out all of my spring flowers, do some weeding, and then plant the new plants we bought yesterday. I bought ten Salvia plants, and twelve Portulaca plants... all for nine dollars and change. I shop the clearance plant racks, because I know how to revive them, and enjoy being able to garden at a huge discount! After Lowe's we went to the public library, where they were celebrating their 100th anniversary and having a big birthday bash! We had free ice cream, heard some good music, checked out some new books, and had a grand time!

 First squash from our garden!

Finally, we headed home and relaxed a bit, planted the new plants that were to be potted, got Balian fed and ready for bed, and well- you know the evening drill. B fell asleep for about an hour, and then woke up, full of energy and stayed awake until about 9:30. Needless to say, I got very little  done last night, and I was so tired that I fell asleep  shortly after Balian did!

And now it's a new week!
There are a lot of exciting things to come on The Mommy Blog this week. I think I have a new giveaway to post just about every day this week! Woo Hoo! So, tell your friends, and send them over to enter to win some really wonderful gifts for moms and babies! Trust me, these are giveaways you're going to want to enter!

Hope you all have a great week!

 Hi everyone! Have a great week!


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